Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an interactive drama and survival horror adventure game in PS$ platform. Originally, the game was to be released in PS3 platform but it became an exclusive game for PS4.

The game is set in Western Canada, where eight teenagers spend their night in a cabin on the fictional Blackwood Mountain, exactly one year after two girls whom the group knew disappeared. They have barely settled in when the group is attacked by a psychopath and the teenagers try to survive at least until dawn. During the game, the players will alternate between the characters, and they are required to make decisions which will affect their progress in the game. In relation to this, the different decisions that the players can make may lead to different scenarios.

Until Dawn was positively received by critics, with their praises allotted for the game’s visuals, horror elements, music, choice mechanic, characters, voice acting, and gameplay design.

The game can also be played a number of times since the players cannot learn all the content with just one game. A playthrough can last for nine hours, and the Butterfly effect used in the in-game system leads to consequences that the players will know until later. In addition, the decision made the players usually revolves around ethical or moral dilemmas, for instance, they may be forced to sacrifice a character in order to save another. Thus, it is possible to preserve the lives of all the characters on the game or just let them all die. The strict auto-save system prevents players from reloading a previous save file should they realize that they made the wrong decision.

Playing the game basically involves exploration, quick-time events, searching for clues, and making decisions. The in-game system lets the players keep track of the clues that they have already found along with the secret players that they encountered. The clues will be used by the players in unraveling the mysteries of Blackwood.

In the game, it was revealed that the two girls (Hannah and Beth) became lost when the rest of the group tried to prank Hannah for trying to move on Mike. It seemed that the girls were hunted by a creature before they fell off a cliff.

After one year, the rest of group reunite and some of them engage in a confrontation. The remaining friends will then decide to go wherever they want and the adventure starts when one of them gets attacked by an unknown creature. The current player will then make decisions which can affect the things that will happen to him later on. The player will discover about an incident that happened 30 years ago and more members the group are attacked all the while.

The player (and the teenagers in the story) will learn that the killer is no other than the person who invited them and the brother of the two girls who fell to their death. They also learn about the wendigos and will be hunted by them. The surviving members will then encounter some wendigos and will try to survive until help comes for them.