The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno (2013) is an American cannibal horror film that served as an homage to Italian cannibal films that became popular in the 1970s and the 1980s. The so-called “cannibal boom” included the 1980 movie, Cannibal Holocaust. Directed by Eli Roth, The Green Inferno features a group of activists who must do everything that they can to survive the hands of the cannibalistic tribe that captured them.

Justine, a college freshman, joins the activists, Alejandro and Kara, in their trip to the Amazon forest to prevent a certain company from further harming and obliterating the ancient tribes who live there. The group aims to expose logging crew through media and with Justine’s father’s help.

Funded by a drug dealer named Carlos, the group arrives at Peru at begins their protest by chaining themselves to the bulldozers. Their protests go viral in the internet when Justine is shot by militia officers. They are arrested but are eventually freed. On their way back, the plane crashes, killing Carlos.

The survivors try to search for a GPS phone but painted suddenly come and Kara is immediately killed. The others are knocked unconscious by tranquilizer darts. They wake up in cages in the middle of the tribe’s village. Then, they watch in horror as the tribe leader dismembers and eats one of their members. The group realizes that it’s the tribe that they are trying to protect, and Alejandro confessed that Carlos just paid him to head the protest.

Afterward, the females are examined, and Justine is prepared for a genital mutilation ceremony since she is a virgin.

Samantha manages to escape but the next day before the ceremony Amy eats and finds a scrap of skin with Samantha’s tattoo. She then commits suicide upon realizing what she has just eaten. Lars then shows down a sack of marijuana in Amy’s throat. Justine and Daniel escape during the commotion though Alejandro is left behind and Lars is also eaten later on.

Justine and Daniel go back to the crash site and find a phone. However, the tribe recaptures them again. Daniel is fed to the ants while Justine escapes with the help of a child sympathizer. Justine sees Daniel and searches his body for the phone. Daniel begs Justine to kill him but Justine cannot. The child sympathizer then slits Daniel’s throat. Justine is pursued by other tribe members and thus, she decides to cross the river even though there is a black jaguar on the other side. The jaguar does not harm her and the tribe members did not follow her. Justine sees the loggers killing the other members of the tribe and she is saved when she pretends to shoot the firing with her phone.

Justine is brought back to New York and she claims that she is the only survivor of the crash and that the tribe was friendly.

A scene shows Julia talking to Alejandro’s sister, who says that her brother has been found. A GPS image shows Alejandro, standing in the middle of the jungle with his whole body painted in black.