Stephen King

James Patterson Scraps Release Of New Novel To Avoid Insulting King

The popular author James Patterson seemed to have prevented the publication of his new novel entitled, “The Murder of Stephen King,” fearing that such novel may not appeal to the famous horror novelist.

The said novel tells the story of an obsessed fan who is trying to track down Stephen King, who is famous for writing horror novels, such Misery, The Shining, and Carrie.

However, Patterson discovered during the run-up that there really fans who caused disturbance in the author’s home in real life.

Still, Patterson said that King did not have a hand at all with the movie.

Before Patterson the decision of not publishing the book, he emphasized that Stephen King was no way involved in the creation of the novel and he sincerely hoped that the author would appreciate his decision.

However, Patterson also released a statement, indicating that the novel, which he co-wrote with Derek Nikitas, just positively represents a fictional character and the main characters does not actually get murdered in the story.

In the end, James Patterson did not want to make Stephen King nor his family uncomfortable with his novel. And thus, his great respect for those people prompted him to forego publishing The Murder of Stephen King.

On the other hand, the center of the said unpublished novel, Stephen King, opted to not make any comments regarding the matter.

James Patterson, also a best seller author, clarified that he does not personally know Stephen King.

A comment by Stephen King on Patterson in 2009 described the latter as a successful yet “terrible” writer. Patterson perceived the comment as some kind of a “hyperbole.”

Instead of The Murder of Stephen King, Patterson is set to release a new book entitled, Taking the Titanic.