Sinister 2

Sinister 2 is the sequel to the supernatural horror film, Sinister. In the movie, James Ransone come back to reprise his role from the first movie, and he is joined by Shannyn Sossamon, who plays the role of a mother whose sons would be tormented in horror by the ghostly children in their farmhouse.

The film starts with the nightmare of the nine-year old Dylan Collins, showing the members of a family being hung up like scarecrows. The dream ends up with the family being burned alive. Dylan wakes up and sees a ghost that looks like his brother, Zach. Their family, including their mother Courtney, lives in farmhouse near a deconsecrated Lutheran church.

Meanwhile, the Deputy from the first movie arrives and seeks the help of the priest, claiming that he has discovered something very supernatural.

Courtney and her sons are chased by an unknown man. Fortunately, Courtney is helped by a security guard. The man is seen talking to someone with his phone afterwards.

Courtney continues her work in the church as the Deputy still investigates the murders connected to Bughuul.

Meanwhile, ghostly children, headed by a boy named Milo, plague Dylan every night, forcing him to watch “home movies” of families being murdered using macabre methods.

The deputy arrives to destroy the farmhouse. However, he sees Courtney and her sons. Courtney drives him away, thinking that the deputy is an accomplice of her husband. The deputy convinces her that he is not and proceeds with investigating the church. Courtney does not know what happened with the church but her sons seem to have some idea.

Afterward, the Deputy is haunted by Bughuul as he continues his investigation.

The children’s father arrives at the farmhouse to take them away but Deputy arrives and warns about not having a court order. Courtney wants to leave the place with her boys but Deputy convinces her not to in order to prevent from any murder happening again.

Deputy then meets a professor who has the ham radio that Professor Jonas from the first movie possessed. The listened to the radio and realized that Bughuul targets the children of the children of the murdered families.

Meanwhile, Zach gets jealous of Dylan, who has become the focus of the ghostly children. However, when Dylan refuses to watch movie clips anymore, Zach catches the attention of the ghostly children.

Courtney’s husband arrives with a court order and takes his family away. When Deputy learns of this, he follows them and warns them against the danger. However, he is only threatened by Courtney’s husband. Afterward, Zach’s mind has been contaminated by the ghostly children and Dylan calls Deputy for help.

Deputy arrives in the cornfield where Zach hanged his family on the scarecrow posts. Clint is already burning and Zach is about to light Courtney on fire. Deputy hits Zach with his car and saves Courtney and Dylan. Zach still pursues them and only stops when Deputy smashes the camera that he is using.

Deputy, Courtney, and Dylan survive while Zach falls into the hands of Bughuul. The movie ends with Deputy realizing that Bughuul is still out there.