Saw is a horror movie franchise consisting of seven films. The films are distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment and produced by Twisted Picture. The film started with a short film created by the Australian director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell in 2003. The full-length film was then released at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004. The succeeding installments were then released the following years every October on the Friday before Halloween.

The films are basically focused on John Kramer, the “Jigsaw Killer” or just “Jigsaw.” He was first seen in Saw but he had more exposure in Saw II. Jigsaw’s character is known for kidnapping his victims first and setting them up in “tests” or “games” consisting of physical or psychological torture, which they must overcome in order to survive. Jigsaw is killed in Saw III but his apprentices continued his work or he is shown in flashbacks in the other Saw films.


Saw IV reveals most of the backstory of the whole franchise, wherein it is shown that John Kramer was formerly a successful civil engineer living with his wife Jill Tuck, who was working in a rehab clinic for drug addicts. The couple lost their unborn baby because of a drug addict named Cecil. In Saw VI, it was revealed that the character of Amanda Young was involved in the incident that caused the death of Kramer’s unborn child.

John and his wife eventually got divorced because of the incident with their baby, and Kramer was later on diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Given his condition and the loss of his child, Kramer realized the importance of life and saw how other people failed to value it.

In Saw II, Kramer tried to commit suicide but survived. His accident gave him an idea on how he can change other people.

In Saw IV, it was shown how Kramer set up his first test and used Cecil as participant. From then on, Kramer would begin creating more “tests” and “games,” which he used to rehabilitate people with hopes of changing the world. Kramer earned the name Jigsaw Killer because he removed a puzzle piece-shaped chunk of flesh from the victims who did survived his traps.

Some of Kramer’s victims survived but they needed to undergo therapy to recover from the physical and psychological torture that they have suffered from him.

In Saw V, it was shown how the police lieutenant Mark Hoffman became connected with Kramer. It turned out that Hoffman killed his sister’s boyfriend and killer using a trap that looked that of Jigsaw’s. Hoffman was then kidnap by Jigsaw and was forced to become his apprentice. However, later on, Hoffman accepted being Jigsaw’s apprentice.

The first victim who survived Jigsaw’s trap was Amanda Young, who then became the killer’s apprentice. Kramer’s wife also learned of his killing practices and became a source of help.

In Saw, Dr. Lawrence Gordon was trapped in an industrial washroom with Adam Stanheight, a photographer who was following the doctor with hopes of catching him in the act as the Jigsaw Killer. Meanwhile, Lawrence was instructed to kill Adam before six o’clock or his family would die. Gordon eventually decided to saw his own foot in order to escape to save his family and help Adam. In Saw 3D, it was shown that Gordon was eventually found by Kramer, who then made the doctor his accomplice. Meanwhile, Saw III revealed that it was Amanda who kidnapped Adam and also killed him afterward.

In Saw II, Detective Eric Matthews was trapped with seven convicts in house that was being slowly filled with sarin gas. His son was held hostage by Jigsaw, who required exchanging the boy’s life for the detective’s time. However, Matthews became impatient and assaulted Jigsaw. Then, he realized that his son was being held in another place. As the house was still being filled with gas, Matthews was knocked unconscious and he woke up in a bathroom. Amanda, who was trapped with Matthews previously, revealed he connection with Jigsaw and left the man to die.

In Saw III, it was shown that Matthews managed to escape, and he found Amanda and tried to obtain his son’s location from her. However, Amanda fought and beat the detective. Saw IV showed Hoffman dragging Eric to a prison cell.

Saw III and Saw IV showed the events occurring simultaneously. As Jigsaw became weaker and was on the edge of death, Amanda began making her traps, which did not allow the victims to escape. Kramer then decided to give Amanda to another test, which led to both of their deaths.

In Saw IV, Matthews died because Officer Daniel Rigg failed the test. However, Hoffman discovered the death of Jigsaw and Amanda, but an autopsy led to the discovery of a tape telling Hoffman that he was not free from the hands of the Jigsaw yet.

Saw V revolved around five people who were involved in a disastrous fire and who were kidnap by Hoffman to participate in a test. The people were killed one by one by the traps but the remaining two realized that they should work together to survive. The victims were rescued by Special Agent Erikson. Meanwhile, Hoffman set up FBI Agent Peter Strahm to make it look like the agent was accomplice of Jigsaw. However, Strahm was eventually killed when he failed to follow Hoffman’s instructions.

In Saw VI, Hoffman set up the insurance executive William Easton, who turned out to be responsible for turning down a number of insurance policies. William tried to save people as he participated in the tests, and he realized that he done wrong in the past. However, he was killed by person whose policy was rejected when he was subjected to a test of forgiveness. Meanwhile, the agents Erickson and Perez investigated Agent Strahm’s disappearance and learned Hoffman’s true identity. However, they were killed before they could reveal Hoffman’s role in the killings. However, Hoffman was eventually attacked by Jill, as requested by Jigsaw. Hoffman was left in the new Reverse Beartrap with no key. Hoffman managed to free himself from the trap.

In Saw 3D, Hoffman and Jill fought each other to gain control of the Jigsaw’s legacy. Jill went into protective custody and revealed Hoffman’s true identity. Meanwhile, Hoffman set up new games to get closer to Jill. A man who wrote a book and falsely claimed having escaped Jigsaw’s trapped was placed in a true test, leading to the death of his friends and his wife. Hoffman disguised himself as a corpse in order to enter the police station. He found Jill and killed her with the Reverse Beartrap. However, when Hoffman tried to leave town, Gordon and his accomplices turned up, and Hoffman was trapped in the bathroom from the first film. It turned out that Gordon became an accomplice of Jigsaw, and Hoffman was left to die.