It Follows

How Quentin Tarantino Would Fix The Movie It Follows

Quentin Tarantino is one of the greatest directors of this generation and it is very good to know his personal taste in films. In a recent interview, Quentin revealed that he particularly liked the indie horror hit, It Follows. He concluded that the premise of the film was in fact, the best that he had encountered in years.

However, though he really liked the film, he still had some issues with it, particularly with the execution of the premise. Quentin thinks that he kind of hates the movie because it was very good but he could not say that it was that great. So rationally, the director might have had some thought on how he would have fixed the movie if he was the one who directed it.

First and foremost, Quentin thinks that the director of It Follows, David Robert Mitchell, should have just stick to the mythology that was originally portrayed. However, in the movie, the director told the story from different directions. According to Quentin, the bad guys follow one ultimate rule. They always aim at moving toward the victim. He particularly used as an example the guy who thought he saw a woman wearing a yellow dress, and it takes him a while before he realizes that the woman was the follower even though the girl who was with him failed to see anyone around them. So basically, Quentin though that the guy should have realized that he was being followed right away.

Quentin continued on mentioning some parts of the film that showed inconsistency. For example, the supernatural things had suddenly become aggressive and had learned to start hurling things around. Quentin could not just believe that the antagonists of the film evolved and learned concocting strategies.

Meanwhile, no one can blame Quentin for thinking of such things. The inconsistencies of the movies were quite obvious, as a matter of fact. For instance, the monster originally followed its victims, but after a while, it was seen just hanging around a theater or a rooftop. Then, “It” notably became more violent until the conclusion of the movie.

However, it seemed that the movie did not really want to come out as that great or consistent, and because of that, it still came out as fairly good. According to the movie’s director and writer, he wrote the monster of the different scenes based on the thing that was troubling him in those situations.

Thus, the manifestation of the monster was scary during the specific moment in which it came out. In addition, Mitchell admitted that his idea for the movie was somewhat ridiculous. Moreover, he knew that what he did with the forms of the monsters did not make any sense at all. Mitchell said that the plan for the movie was quite child-like and he intended to leave it that way.

On the other hand, Quentin also did not like that Jay did sleep with Paul so that she could pass the monster to him. He thought that it was only logical that to have intercourse with a boy who was willing to save her from the curse and allow himself to be the next victim of the monster.

Still, people should not blame Jay for refusing Paul’s help, especially when she knew what the monster was capable of and she knew that her boyfriend had also fallen victim when they had sex.

Thus, in short, It Follows is not a perfect movie, and Quentin’s comments cannot be just disregarded. Logically, his vision for the movie might be different from its director, and envisioning the film from another point of view is not that bad of an idea.