Insidious 3


Insidious 3 is a 2015 American supernatural horror film, which serves as the prequel for the first two films and the third in the Insidious film series. Written and directed by Leigh Whannel, the film stars Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson, Whannell, and Lin Shaye.

The film is set a few years after the first film and starts with the retired parapsychologist Elise Rainier. The doctor helps Quinn Brenner to contact the spirit of her dead mother but sensing that something was wrong with spirit, Rainier advises Quinn to avoid contacting her mother again.

After a failed audition, Quinn gets caught up in accident, which leaves her in cast and with her father, Sean, and younger brother Alex. However, the demon that Quinn saw before her accident is still plaguing her, and eventually, she suffers from a neck injury after the demons has flung her in her bedroom. Her father tried to convince Elise to help her but Elise refuses, fearing for her life. However, Elise realizes that she is stronger than the spirits, thanks to his fellow parapsychologist, Carl.

Meanwhile, Alex calls on the demonologists Specs and Tucker but they cannot save Quinn from demonic possession. Elise arrives and enters the spiritual world to confront the spirit haunting her and to find the demon plaguing Quinn. Elise realizes that Quinn should defeat the demon inside her on her own. As she tries to get rid of the spirit possessing her, the spirit of Quinn’s mother comes to her aid.

Afterward, Elise decides to work with Specs and Tucker but she is then confronted by the demon from the first film.


Announcement of the third installment in the Insidious film series was announced in September 2013, and Leigh Whannell was tapped to write and Jason Blum and Oren Peli were hired as producers. Whannell was also slated to direct the film, which was his first, and announcement of Stefanie Scott and Dermot Mulroney’s roles were made afterward.

Principal photography for the film started in July 2014 in Los Angeles and shooting for the film concluded in August 2014.

Insidious: Chapter 3 was released under Gramercy Pictures, which was relaunched by Focus Features in May 2015.


Insidious: Chapter 3 earned a total of $112.8 million worldwide. In North America, the film got the third spot during its opening weekend and earned the same spot outside North America.

The movie was given a rating of 58% in Rotten Tomatoes and a rating average of 5.5/10. It gained a score of 52/100 in Metacritic and was given a B+ score by Cinema Score.

Basically, the film received mixed reviews from its critics. IGN gave the film a score of 7.1/10, describing its focused, dark, and creepiest among the installments in the film series. Meanwhile, Variety thought that the movie was dull compared with the previous Insidious movies. The Hollywood Reporter, though that the movie was great with the presence of a relatable protagonist and key characters. However, Entertainment Weekly thought that the film deserved only a C+, indicating that Insidious 3 was the worst sequel in the films. In addition, San Francisco Chronicle claimed that the movie was not really scary.

Other publications who negatively reviewed the films are the Toronto Star, The Arizona Republic, the Newark Star-Ledger, New York Magazine, and ReelViews. Meanwhile, some publications who gave the film positive reviews included The Telegraph and The A.V. Club.


In May 2016, the fourth installment in the film series, Insidious: Chapter 4, was announced. The fourth film is slated to come out in theaters in October 2017. Whannell will write the movie and Blum and Peli are hired to produce again. Shaye will come back as Elise Rainer and Adam Robitel is set to direct the film.