Chucky 7

The demonic and killing doll Chucky seems to be coming back in a movie supposedly entitled “Chucky 7.” The rumors on the 7th installment of the Chucky series became more intense when the filmmaker Don Mancini tweeted that Chucky 7 has already started filming.

The Child’s Play movie franchise is one of the creepiest movie series ever made, where Chucky the killing doll became so famous and made people take a second look at their dolls. With Chucky 7, the notorious doll is slated to come back, according to Mancini, who served as the writer for all the six movies in the franchise. He also directed the last two films. It seemed that the director implied that the next Child’s Play film may be set in South Africa.

In one teasing tweet, he asked if it’s alright to shoot Chucky 7 in Capetwon. It was followed by another tweet stating that “HE’S BA-AAAAAACK (SOON) #Chucky7.”

Fans of Child’s Play are not surprised anymore with such tweets from Mancini. He had already tweeted before regarding the possibility of Chucky 7.

The next Child’s Play movie is currently called as Chucky 7. Supposedly, the story of the seventh movie would follow the events of Curse of Chucky, the sixth film in the franchise. There’s also a possibility that Chucky’s ex-wife, Tiffany, will be coming back in Chucky 7.

Based on the plot, Chucky will come back to haunt and terrorize her human daughter Nica. In addition, some of his enemies should watch their backs as the doll is aiming to settle some score with them with the aid of Tiffany.

Though the list seems to be not final yet, the cast may include stars from the previous films, including Fiona Dolurif, Summer Howell, Jennifer Tilly, and Brad Dourif. Other stars who are rumored to be appearing in the film include Daniel Bisutti, Brennan Eliott, Chantal Quesnelle, A Martinez, and Maitland McConnell.

Aside from the former couple’s reunion, the movie may also add some light to the story of their children, the twins Glen and Glenda. Though the twins are just minor characters, Mancini wanted to highlight their story in the film.

The director further added that people would not stop thinking about the twins as just the killer doll’s children. There should be something more in them given that they are the children of killer and schizophrenic doll. Mancini admitted that the twins are always in his mind.

And because Child’s Play series started with a killer doll, it would not be right to not show any dolls in Chucky 7. Mancini said that he imagines the twins living a normal life as teenagers as their mother begins sewing Chucky’s doll parts together to bring him back to life and to give his children some morbid lessons in life.

Rumor has it that Chucky 7 will be coming out in theaters in 2017. However, whether it can dethrone The Boy as the Evil Doll Box Office film remains to be seen.