Christopher Walken

The Christopher Walken Film Stands The Test Of Time

Movies are proof and witnesses of the passage of time. And for a very long time, people have loyally flocked the theaters in order to take a break from the real world and be part of story, good or not, that is part of the vision of a filmmaker’s mind. As time goes by, there are those movies that never get old for most people, and they are considered as classic or timeless. The only question about such movies is whether they can stand the test of time and at the end still come out as something that is extraordinary and be able to people a great story no matter what their age are.

Stephen King is one of the most popular horror novelist all of time. His works have become very popular that a lot have been turned into movies or TV adaptations. However, a number of people do notice that adaptations of Stephen King’s work are, most of the time, not that great and usually fall very far behind than their original version. Still, there are some King adaptations that have appealed to the viewers and managed to tell a story that is a par with their version in paper.

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one adaptation of King’s works that are considered by many as one of the greatest though the author himself showed great dislike for the movie. However, aside from The Shining, there are some Stephen King movies or TV series out there that are great even though they might not have achieved greatness the way that The Shining did.

And one such story is The Dead Zone


The adaptation of The Dead Zone tells the story of an English teacher named Johnny Smith. Smith seemed to be just like any normal human being until he was hit by a trick and was placed in a coma for five years afterward. Then, he woke up only to find out that he could see the past, present, and future of a person when he shook their hands. And everything became much complicated for him when he learned that Martin Sheen, who was running for the presidential position, had in mind to kill all people should he be elected to the seat.


The movie was directed by David Cronenberg and he did a good job with The Dead Zone considering the kind of gore and violence that are usually seen with his creations, such as Scanners and The Fly.

Moreover, The Dead Zone was a kind of movie that did not rush things. Cronenberg was patient in letting all thing fall into their proper places in the movie until they have delivered properly the different elements of the story. In addition, the movie did not directly tell to people’s face that Martin Sheen was a killer though people could tell that he was a killer on the loose. As for Christopher Walken, the man was subjected to violence, though most of the time only in his dreams. And in most cases, Walken’s suffering proved to be more disturbing than his visions.

The movie was also blessed to have included talented actors, such as Walken. His weird antics made him perfect for the role of Johnny Smith, and he really did look tortured and confused with everything that was happening around him. Moreover, Walken was very effective in showing his character’s pain in waking up a from a coma and realizing that he had lost everything, which was made worse by his unwanted gift.

The other actors, including Tom Skerritt, Brooke Adams, and Herbert Lom also gave commendable performance in The Dead Zone.


Though Walken supposedly did some great work in The Dead Zone, it seemed that after 30 years, his performance seems to have lost its glitter. After watching the film after 30 years, one is bound to notice his undiminishing weird manners, the patterns of his speech, and other things unique to the actor, which at present, seem strangely awkward.

Though the kind of acting in previous times and today may have some differences, something is really off with the performance of the actors when the movie is watched today. Even Martin Sheen now fails to bring some life to his character.

As for the story, it seems that 1 hour and 40-minute run-time is not enough to tell everything about The Dead Zone. The flow of the story is not consistent and the scenes tend to jump from one thing to another. The transition is staggered and the first few scenes are quite anti-climactic. Looking at it, it now seems to be a great idea to just show The Dead Zone in the small screen.

Finally, The Dead Zone is basically one of King’s adaptation that adds to the pile of sub-par creations that cannot tell a story the way that The Shining and Shawshank Redemption did. Still, the movie is a classic and it involved great talents, such as Cronenberg and Walken.