Chandler Riggs

In the last season of The Walking Dead and after waiting for a very long time, Carl Grimes was shot in the eye during the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6. The famous scene was first glanced by Walking Dead fans in the original comic version of the series.

And now, fans should expect that everything will be different with Carl.

In the comics, after the incident, Carl suffered from memory loss and his personality turned to a darker shade. When asked about his character in The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs did not hesitate to share some of his thoughts. The young actor thinks that the old Carl may really seem to be gone for good along with his left eye.

Riggs was very excited to see what would become of one-eyed Carl during last season since he thought that it was one of his best work so far in the series. In fact, he tried everything to physically showcase the changes that have been going on with Carl since he lost his one eye.

Riggs also thinks that the incident with Carl made him a better actor because in truth, he found it hard to act with just one eye. That is aside from the fact that he was forced to things very much differently.

The young actor also recalled the things that happened while filming Season 6 of The Walking Dead and some of the shocking moments that blew away the minds of the people.


Riggs found losing one eye as Carl in the series very cool. In fact, the actor was very excited when he learned about what would happen to his character, and people could vouch that he was looking very much forward to that iconic scene. At first, Riggs was not very sure if Carl was actually going to lose his eye since Rick never did lose his hand just like what happened in the comics.


They had a bit of tough time shooting the scene. It was night and the set was splashed with blood. In addition, there was a lot of screaming and crying during that moment. However, Riggs had fun while shooting the scene where his eye was shot since he could see all the visual effects. Some blood was applied around his eye but the actual prosthetics was placed on him when he was already at the infirmary.

Though it did not bode well for his character, Riggs enjoyed very much shooting the scene because it portrayed what really happened in the comics. The only downside was Ron shooting Carl.


Riggs had some tough time in shooting with just one eye. Still, he managed to get used to after a while. The hardest part for him was losing depth perception since he really couldn’t see what was happening on the other side of the room. Yet, Riggs found it helpful to see with just one eye because it had helped in internalizing his character.

On the other hand, it’s not like Carl would be seen wearing an eye patch anytime soon. Riggs thought Carl’s wound was quite large for an eye patch so he thought that bandages would do for him in the meantime.

As for the upcoming episodes, the actor promised that there are still shocking moments awaiting The Walking Dead fans and he assured that they would not be disappointed.

Riggs also shared some insights into Negan’s appearance in the show. The character was quite notorious in the comics and it seems that Negan’s character would not be much different in the series. Negan would be sure to annoy a lot of fans with no one to stop him. In addition, killing sounds like so much fun with him.

As for the shocking moments just like Glen’s near death experience, Riggs did not think that anything like would ever happen again in the series but he is sure that anything important that would be happening would surely shock the hell out of people.