Chandler Riggs

In the last season of The Walking Dead and after waiting for a very long time, Carl Grimes was shot in the eye during the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6. The famous scene was first glanced by Walking Dead fans in the original comic version of the series.

And now, fans should expect that everything will be different with Carl.

In the comics, after the incident, Carl suffered from memory loss and his personality turned to a darker shade. When asked about his character in The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs did not hesitate to share some of his thoughts. The young actor thinks that the old Carl may really seem to be gone for good along with his left eye.

Riggs was very excited to see what would become of one-eyed Carl during last season since he thought that it was one of his best work so far in the series. In fact, he tried everything to physically showcase the changes that have been going on with Carl since he lost his one eye.

Riggs also thinks that the incident with Carl made him a better actor because in truth, he found it hard to act with just one eye. That is aside from the fact that he was forced to things very much differently.

The young actor also recalled the things that happened while filming Season 6 of The Walking Dead and some of the shocking moments that blew away the minds of the people.


Riggs found losing one eye as Carl in the series very cool. In fact, the actor was very excited when he learned about what would happen to his character, and people could vouch that he was looking very much forward to that iconic scene. At first, Riggs was not very sure if Carl was actually going to lose his eye since Rick never did lose his hand just like what happened in the comics.


They had a bit of tough time shooting the scene. It was night and the set was splashed with blood. In addition, there was a lot of screaming and crying during that moment. However, Riggs had fun while shooting the scene where his eye was shot since he could see all the visual effects. Some blood was applied around his eye but the actual prosthetics was placed on him when he was already at the infirmary.

Though it did not bode well for his character, Riggs enjoyed very much shooting the scene because it portrayed what really happened in the comics. The only downside was Ron shooting Carl.


Riggs had some tough time in shooting with just one eye. Still, he managed to get used to after a while. The hardest part for him was losing depth perception since he really couldn’t see what was happening on the other side of the room. Yet, Riggs found it helpful to see with just one eye because it had helped in internalizing his character.

On the other hand, it’s not like Carl would be seen wearing an eye patch anytime soon. Riggs thought Carl’s wound was quite large for an eye patch so he thought that bandages would do for him in the meantime.

As for the upcoming episodes, the actor promised that there are still shocking moments awaiting The Walking Dead fans and he assured that they would not be disappointed.

Riggs also shared some insights into Negan’s appearance in the show. The character was quite notorious in the comics and it seems that Negan’s character would not be much different in the series. Negan would be sure to annoy a lot of fans with no one to stop him. In addition, killing sounds like so much fun with him.

As for the shocking moments just like Glen’s near death experience, Riggs did not think that anything like would ever happen again in the series but he is sure that anything important that would be happening would surely shock the hell out of people.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The first five minutes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was recently glimpsed by fans on Twitter and Periscope when the clip was released by Fox. The clip is a preview of the modern take made the by the TV company on the cult classic. Prior the release of the clip, Victoria Justice gave hints regarding her role as Janet with a snippet of “Touch Me.”

The remake of the musical will star Laverne Cox, Ryan McCartan, Adam Lambert, Christina Milian, and Tim Curry. In addition, the first 25 minutes of the show was previewed at the San Diego Comic-Con last July. Basically, the story would begin at a movie theater, where The Rocky Horror Picture Show is showing. Then comes the opening number entitled, “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” which will be sung by the female usher at the theater.

Notably, a lot of fans could not get enough of the clip, and for sure, the premiere of the new The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be much awaited.

The show premiered on FOX on October 20, 2016 to mixed reviews.  It was released on DVD on December 6, 2016.

Twin Peak

Twin Peaks TV Show On Showtime

Twin Peak is an upcoming American television, which will continue the story of the original series of the same name, which was shown in TV from 1990 to 1991. Some of the original cast members, including Kyle Maclachlan, are slated to appear in the show.

The Twin Peaks miniseries was announced on October 6, 2014 and the show will be aired by Showtime. The writers of the show stated that the story of will pick up from where the original series ended. The episodes are set at the present, and there will be special focus on the 25-year gap.

However, in March 2015, the development of the series was in the rocks as Lynch, one of the writers, doubted if the production could go one because of some complications. However, Showtime reiterated that the show was still green lighted and production was still in progress. Lynch announce in April 2015 that he would not be directing the nine episodes of the series because of limited budget. Fortunately, he and Showtime were able to come to an agreement. At a panel held in Seattle, it was announced that the new Twin Peaks would have 18 episodes and other cast members, such as Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee, confirmed it.

On January 12, 2015, it was announced that Kyle MacLachlan will reprising his role in the show. Other original cast members that were slated to come back in the series include David Duchovny as DEA agent Denise Bryson, Miguel Ferrer as Albert Rosenfield, and Richard Beymer and David Patrick Kelly as Benjamin Horne and Jerry Horne, respectively. Alicia Witt will also come back to the show as Gersten Hayward, and Sherilyn Fenn will continue her role as Audrey Horne. David Lynch was also said to reprise his role as Gordon Cole.

On the other hand, Russ Tamblyn had an open heart surgery and the writers are still waiting if he would be able to join the cast. Meanwhile, Catherine E. Coulson and David Bowie died before they production of the series could be finished.

Sadly, other original cast members, including Piper Laurie, Lara Flynn Boyle, Michael J. Anderson, Joan Chen, Michael Ontkean, Eric Da Re, and Heather Graham will not be coming to reprise their roles in the new Twin Peaks.

In July 2015, it was announced that Twin Peaks will possibly air in 2017 though the writers were hoping to show in 2016. Showtime president David Nevins also stated that the fate of the show is really in the hands of its writers, David Lynch and Mark Frost. Though the original episodes for the show was nine, he cleared up that there could actually be more. In January 2016, it was announced that Twin Peaks will officially premiere in the first half of 2017. Still, Showtime has not announced any news regarding the number of episodes but reports have it the entire production is already half-way done. Filming of the new Twin Peaks concluded in April 2016.

Aside from the original cast who were slated to comeback, a number of actors would be joining the series.

Scream TV Show

Scream Queens is a comedy horror TV series which premiered on Fox in September 22, 2015. The show is initially set at the fictional Wallace University. In the school, the sorority called the Kappa Kappa Tau faces terror in the hands of a serial killer donning the university’s Red Devil Mascot. Scream Queens is produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Ryan Murphy Productions, Brad Falchuck Television, and Prospect Films.

Scream Queens was green lighted for a second season in January 15, 2016. Season 2 of Scream Queens will start on September 20, 2016. Old faces from season 1, including Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Lea Michele, Billie Lourd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Niecy Nash, Glen Powell, and Keke Palmer, will be coming back in the second season of Scream Queens.


Season 1 starts with the appearance of Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, who would later be joined by other casts, such as Lea Michele, Joe Manganiello, Keke Palmer, and Abigail Breslin. Ariana Grande also appeared in some episodes. Other actors, such as Niecy Nash, Lucien Laviscount, Diego Boneta, and Glen Powell, were also featured throughout the first season. Manganiello later on had to leave the show and he was replaced by Oliver Hudson. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande’s parents were played by Charisma Carpenter and Roger Bart. Curtis’ husband was played by Philip Casnoff, and later on the gang was joined by Patrick Schwarzenegger, Chad Michael Murray, Alan Thicke, and Julia Duffy. Nick Jonas, Nasim Pedrad, Billie Lourd, and Skyler Samuels also became a part of the show.

Most of the scenes in season one were shot at Tulane Univiersity. One episode was also dedicated to Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh, wherein the classic shower scene in Psycho was reenacted. Curtis very much approved of the idea and she showed support with the scriptwriter, Falchuck. In fact, during the shoot, Curtis was constantly reviewing the said scene from Psycho.


Season 2 will be featuring new faces along with original cast of the show. John Stamos, Taylor Lautner, and Colton Hayes were cast, followed by Jerry O’Connel and Laura Bell Bunday, who were slated to play recurring roles.

American Horror Story

Roanoke The Original Story Behind Season 6

In the midst of Queen Elizabeth’s attempt to colonize the New World, a group of English men and women went to the coast of what is now the North Carolina in 1587 to form a colony. However, after three years, all the people who were part of the settlement disappeared without leaving any clue of where they went. Not only that, the houses where the people lived also disappeared without a trace, making other people believe that the settlers were already dead. The mysterious disappearance of the people became what was popular known as the mystery of Roanoke Island because it proved to be a great puzzle to historians for centuries. Moreover, most people think that the mystery would not be likely resolved any time soon. The Lost Colony included 117 people became a spooky entry in history books, leaving people with only one clue: the word “Croatoan” which was found to be engraved in wooden post in the settlement.

After 400 years, though it still remains to be a mystery, the Roanoke colony is again ringing bells as it is tackled in the latest season of the American Horror Story, starring Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., and other well- known actors. To recall, the Roanoke story was first mentioned in the first season of the TV series. The story goes that the settlers were slaughter, and their ghosts were rid of a Native American spell. Yet, it seemed that some of the ghosts were still left lingering.

The story of the Roanoke started when the British explorer Sir Walter Raleigh established the first settlement in 1585 but the group went back to England after one year. Then in 1587, with Raleigh’s orders, another group came to the place known today as Dare County, North Carolina. However, with the current issues between England and Spain at that time, further colonization of lands was postponed.

John White served as the governor of the new colony. When the group reached Roanoke, White communicated with the Native American tribes living in the area, which included the Crotoans. However, it seemed that there was still some tension between the groups. Due to the depleting supplies, White decided to return to England, and he left his family behind in Roanoke. He would never see them again and the rest of his colony.

Due to the ongoing war between Spain and England, White did not manage to go back to Roanoke until after three years had passed. Upon his arrival, White did not see anything but the fence surrounding what was supposed to be their village.

Though what happened with the colony remains a mystery, there are various theories surrounding it. One theory states that due to drought and lack of supplies, the people were forced to disperse and live with the nearby tribes. And since the Croatoans did not really approve the arrival of new settlers in their land, some surmise that the Roanoke settlers were killed and their bodies were disposed of. Still, there are some who think that the Roanoke people might have joined the Croatoan tribe.

Meanwhile, another theory has it that it was the Spanish who arrived and slaughtered the people of Roanoke because of the ongoing war between Spain and England. Some attribute the disappearance of the colony to weather disturbance like the hurricane though it was still a mystery why the fence was left intact but the rest of the village had disappeared.

Though the Island of Roanoke seems a bit of a paradise, its past holds a dark mystery that yet still requires solving. And now, the American Horror Story spins a new tail on the Roanoke people and the mystery of their disappearance.