Scary Stories

The Most Scary Stories You Never Heard

All people have some stories to tell, and some of these stories are the ones that should not be told at night while hiding under bedsheets with a flashlight. Some of the scariest stories involve, for example, sleep paralysis, and people who have experienced it are like the major characters from a horror movie. Meanwhile, in some cases, people experience terrifying things that hearing the stories from their mouth make other individuals think that they maybe just making such stories up. Still, true or not, some of these stories will really scare the hell out of people.


This story happened to LadySparrow while she living in a house when she was 11 to 16 years old. The young girl constantly experienced some weird stuffy, including hearing voices and footsteps and doors suddenly opening and shutting. What made her stay in that much worse was that she was usually alone since her parents were always at work.

Then, there was this thing with the little girl in the bathroom. LadySparrow always saw a little blond girl wearing a rose-colored dress whenever she walked past her bathroom door. The girl merely stood there just like someone from the past. To prevent her from seeing the apparition, LadySparrow closed the door to the bathroom. However, as soon as she opened the door, the girl was still there and would only disappear when the LadySparrow had already gotten past her. The girl scared LadySparrow but she could not help but to feel some sympathy for the ghost, as it seemed that she would just be trapped in there for eternity.

After a few years, LadySparrow felt that the ghost was not just an apparition. She felt that something else was hovering in their house and it was not the ghost of a little girl. Apparently, LadySparrow was almost running out of her wits.

Then, when LadySparrow was 14, she invited a friend to stay in their house for a week. To avoid driving out the guest, she omitted telling her friend anything about the strange things that were happening in their home. However, when her friend got back from using the bathroom, she basically told LadySparrow about the girl and the bathroom and practically reaffirming that she was a ghost. LadySparrow was quite relieved but she was also terrified. Meanwhile, that particular friend did not use that bathroom the whole week that she stayed in the house. On the other hand, LadySparrow had started avoiding it though her parents would not believe the ghost story.

Eventually, to her relief, LadySparrow and her family moved out. Then, after a few years, she had to go back to the house to retrieve some things that her parents did not manage to sell. Along with a friend, LadySparrow arrived at the house and she could tell that her friend was not at ease with the place. Along the driveway, she noticed her friend turned pale, and when she asked him about it, her friend assured her that he was okay. However, when he had to use the bathroom, he ran back out right away, claiming about seeing the girl in red dress. Then, that friend told her that the girl in the bathroom was not happy that LadySparrow left and said that she was supposed to remain in the house. LadySparrow and her friend then grabbed everything that they could and left the house as fast as they could.


AnnieBannanas grew up in New Mexico and she always loved doing outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing. One summer, at 19, she decided to go on a camp for a few days somewhere near her parents’ home. As she was already familiar with camping, she did not mind being alone. During the whole camping period, she took a lot of pictures. However, when she had the film developed, there pictures of her sleeping during the camp. She was alone, and she did not take them.

Nothing was taken from her things during the camp, but AnnieBannanas was surely freaked out by that experience.


When Nilly was about 20 years old, when through China, along with some people. They spent two months in Qinghai province, a former Tibetan territory, and they were on their way to a specific town where they would be teaching English. The stops along the way made their trip more exciting. One day, the group arrived at a very normal looking, rural town. The group decided to stay for a couple of days and explore the town for a while. Since, it was winter, there was not much to see but hills and plains filled with dead grass.

Having gone through a rough teenage period, Nilly was just glad to be a part of the expedition. She appreciated being able to go her with friends to various places, which she admitted, made a huge impact in her life and turned her into a better person. Thus, she was very overjoyed for just being in Tibet and she was able to sleep peacefully every night.

During their second night in that particular town, Nilly woke up in the middle of the night feeling restless. Dismissing her uncomfortable feeling, she went with her group in their walk on the hills, where a small summit with a pile of rock and prayer flags could be seen.

As the group was climbing the hills, Nilly felt something strange within her. However, it did not scare her. In fact, her emotions seemed to draining away and she was feeling more blank inside. Then, her thought became cloudy, and she just ceased thinking about anything. Still, deep inside, she knew that there was something wrong but her mind failed to convince her about it.

After they reached the summit, Nilly went down to the pile of rocks and began tapping the pebbles on the ground against each other. Still seeming to be devoid of any emotions at that moment, Nilly realized that she grinning without any reason. Then, amidst the weird stuff that was happening to her, a thought crossed Nilly’s mind. She should just die.

During that time, it seemed that nothing wrong was with having such thought, but Nilly realized that it was not right. Then, the group walked back to their place, and Nilly started feeling a bit of herself again. Still, she was freaked out by what had happened to her. When the group left the town, one of her friends mentioned the same strange and depressed feeling that she experienced, and Nilly told that friend the same thing. Afterward, their leader told that in the past, young women under 25 committed suicide in the town.

WHAT THE DOG KNEW (Aeonflux072)

In his old apartment, Aeonflux072’s dog would sometimes look down on the hallway toward the bedroom and growl for no reason. There were also instances when Aeonflux072 was sleeping and he would wake up in the middle of the night just to see his dog growling on something at the door.

Since, he had already been living in the apartment for a few years, Aeonflux072 did not think much of his dog’s strange behavior.

Then, one night, Aeonflux072 woke up from the incessant barking of his dog. At him. When he opened his eyes, Aeonflux072 saw something blurry leaning over very closely to him, almost touching his face. Aeonflux072 thought that the thing was not person but it sure resemble one. Aeonflux072 thought that the thing might have actually been watching him sleep for quite some time now. The man was terrified and jumped back at the other side of the bed while dog continued going crazy with the apparition. The blurred apparition disappeared after a few seconds.

Aeonflux072 asked the building manager whether someone died in his apartment, and he learned that a woman had overdosed in the apartment in 1995 after her child was taken from her custody because of her drug addiction.

Aeonflux072 never saw the thing again, but his dog would still occasionally bark at something across the hallway until they moved out after a year.


When he was kid, Snarkychu was very fond of racing to the top of the stairs. He would go running a fast as he could until he reached the top. During those moments, there was a voice at the top of the stairs betting him that he could not make it to the top of the stairs. As a kid, Snarkychu, was not bothered really with what was happening. He just went on talking with the voice about making bets.

The bets started with pennies. However, as time went on, the voice started using Snarkychu’s life as bet.

Eventually, the voice stopped and Snarkychu completely forgot about it until he got to talk with his brother about things spooky. He told his brother about the voice at the top of the stairs but before he could proceed, his brother asked him if the voice did any bets with him. Apparently, both them experienced making bets with the voice at the top of the stairs.

THE DRIVE-BY (formerlydickmove)

One time, formerlydickmove and his family were camping through some city. While traveling one evening, his mom looked out the window and she just started screaming and yelling something to his dad.

His dad acknowledged her mom and said something letting a car pass by.

His father slowed until the car passed them. formerlydickmove could not see anything but he saw a what seemed to be very thin arm hanging out the window of the passing car. He asked her mom about what she saw, but she would not give a straight answer, claiming that it was nothing. His dad told the same thing.

Years later, his mom told him that what she really saw in the car was a skeleton, with tongue and eye visible through the bones. However, when his mom died, his father claimed that it was just a really a mask.


DinosaurDanceParty once worked in as a cocktail server at a strip club. After having started working at the place for about six weeks, she experienced suffocation, panic attacks, and terrible migraines during unexpected moments. DinosaurDanceParty thought that it was just the stress brought on by work that was taking a toll on her since she never experienced suffering from anything as such previously.

Basically, the strip club was just filled with a lot of things, with all the tables and speakers lying around, the crowded dressing room, and the back storage room behind the stage. In the storage room behind the stage, there was an area filled with some dressers and mirrors and an old couch for the dancers who might want to use the dressing room for extra space or to take a nap in. During her time in the club, this particular dressing room gave DinosaurDanceParty the made her suffocation and panic worse, but she could think of any reason why such things happened to her in there.

Since her work lasted until 4 am and she did not have car and could not use public transportation, DinosaurDanceParty would usually just wait for another dancer to finish up so that she could be dropped off to her place. While waiting, she usually cleaned up a bit, but she also spent some time studying at the back room since she was still at grad school at that time. When studying at the back room, she would sometimes panic, and she would end up sitting up at the bar or the dancer’s dressing room.

It was almost Halloween that time so DinosaurDanceParty thought that her negative feelings were just caused by watching too much scary movies. However, her co-worker also told her about the creepiness of the back room.

Then one night, as she was carrying a box of glasses into the back room, DinosaurDanceParty heard a terrifying and screeching noise that sounded a lot like that is heard from horror movies. Freaked out and horrified, DinosaurDanceParty went out running. The bartender also heard the noise but not as intense. The bartender also thought that the noise was just caused by some technical glitch in the sound system. DinosaurDanceParty heard the noise several more times while she continued her work at the club.

Sometimes, DinosaurDanceParty would walk in and the light in the back room would flicker off and was replaced a red glow. DinosaurDanceParty was so scared that she ran out and told bartender. However, when they checked the lights, the bulbs were already dead. As time went by, DinosaurDanceParty ceased asking for the bartender’s help every time something weird happened to her because she did not want other people that she already going nuts.

Then, one time, as she was cleaning the hall between the dancers’ room and the back room, DinosaurDanceParty looked at the mirror in the back room and saw two legs in black ripped tights floating and swaying back and forth. The girl screamed and ran as fast as she could to the bar, thinking that a dancer had hung herself. When they checked the backroom, there was nothing there. One of the dancers thought that maybe a dancer really killed herself there, and it was her ghost that DinosaurDanceParty saw.

Sometime before Halloween, DinosaurDanceParty went to work wearing her normally all-black attire but with a painted skull painted on her face. That night, she asked to leave early. When she checked her makeup on the mirror in the dancer’s room, DinosaurDanceParty was surprised when she found out that she passed out in the back room, and she was found unconscious with all the makeup smeared on her face. Apparently, she had been gone for almost an hour, until she was found. She quit her job the next day.

FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES (huntedthebuffalo)

When his older sister was born, huntedthebuffalo’s family moved to a smaller house. While she was still a baby, his sister would be seen by his parents waving and staring at something before she would start giggling. When she got a bit older, their parents asked his sister who she was talking to. His sister said that she was talking to “the little boy.” Their parents asked if the little boy was nice. His sister thought for a few moments before saying yes. Then after huntedthebuffalo was born, he was seen doing the same thing as his sister when she was little. He was also asked by his parents to whom he was talking to. Huntedthebuffalo answered the same. It was the little boy. When asked he the little boy was nice, he said yes but he added that the little boy might be lying.

THE WRONG PARENTS (LadyStoneheart)

When she little, LadyStoneheart was sometimes woken up by nightmares, which always made her go to her parents’ room. One time, she had another one of her nightmares, and she immediately went to her parents’ room. However, when she reached inside the room, she saw two sets of parents. The first pair was lying on the bed, whereas the second one was on the floor. Knowing that one set could only be evil, LadyStoneheart had to choose the right pair of parents. However, when she tried to wake up the set of parents lying on the floor, she saw that their eyes were nothing but just bright glowing red light. At that moment, she actually woke up. She ran to her parents’ room just to see another two sets of parents inside the room. Fortunately, it turned out that the parents’ lying on the floor were just piles of clothes.


One time, when he was 7, SorciaMcNasty, his brother, mother, and grandmother, stayed with their grandmother whose house was located on an isolated country road in NC. The house was situated near the train tracks and the nearest neighbor was not within the screaming distance.

Then, one early morning, as their family were having breakfast, they heard a vehicle pulling up outside. They checked it out and saw a strange truck part on the front yard. The weird thing was no one was behind the wheel though the engine of the truck was idling.

SorciaMcNasty’s mother asked their grandmother if she knew whose car it was but old woman said no and thought that maybe her cousin had called for some hired help, and the owner of the truck went to the wrong farm. However, when their grandmother tried contacting her cousin, the phone went dead.

Then, they all heard a loud banging on the front door. Their grandmother gathered the family in the living room while she checked out who was banging the door with a knife on her hand. However, no one was there.

The family felt relief but the, all the doors of the house started banging. And the whole family could literally see some of the doors vibrating because of the banging. Out of sheer terror and fear, their mother ran to the window. She cried with relief when she saw that their cousin had arrived.

The cousin checked out the truck with a shotgun in his hand. Then, he went pale and just started running toward the house.

When their grandmother saw the man running, she shouted for all of them to get down. Then, the cousin rushed past inside, the banging started again, and the cousin fired the gun once. At that moment, the truck came to life, whereas the banging finally ceased. The cousin went out again toward the truck, with his gun aimed at the vehicle. All the while, the family was behind him. Then, the truck just pulled out and raced out of the yard. The cousin shot at the rushing vehicle but it just continued running at full speed.

No one was driving the car when it went away.

The family called the police but their cousin had to go to his first because the phone line of the house was cut. The cousin said that the car had no plates and it was filled with a lot of weird restraints, like handcuffs, c-clamps, and nylon straps. He also claimed to have smelled blood on the truck.

The cousin also claimed to have seen something inside the house that was why he ran inside and fired his gun. However, he hit nothing and the truck just raced out of the front yard afterward.

Until now, one can explained what had happened, even the police could not figure out anything that could tell how all the doors on the house just went on banging.

Blood Moon

The Blood Moon Prophecy

The Blood Moon Prophecy is a set of beliefs, which was made popular by the Christian minister, John Hagee and Mark Blitz. The blood moon prophecy tells of a tetrad of lunar eclipses that are in line with the Jewish holidays. The eclipses are separated by six full moons and partial lunar eclipses are also not observed. The blood moon prophecy started in April 2014 and it is considered as the sign of the end of times as dictated by the Book of Joel, Acts, and Revelation in the Bible. The last lunar eclipse of the tetrad was set to end in September 27-28, 2015.

The lunar eclipses of the blood moon prophecy occurred on April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; and September 27, 2015.During the eclipses, the moon appeared red as caused by the Rayleigh scattering of sunlight in the Earth’s atmosphere.

A “blood moon” is considered as one of the signs of the end of days, as mentioned in several books of the bible.

Meanwhile, Blitz made predictions regarding the Second Coming of Christ in 2008 and he claimed that it would happen in the fall of 2015. Thus, the seven years between 2008 and 2015 would serve as the seven years of tribulation. Blitz also claimed to have discovered an astronomical pattern which could be used in determining the occurrence of the next tetrad lunar eclipse. However, come 2015, his prediction did not come true but he continued professing his teachings concerning the tetrad.

Afterward, Hagee would take advantage of Blitz’ teachings and used the information he gained to write a book, entitled Four Blood Moons. The book was a hit and occupied the top spot in Amazon for quite some time. It also made to the best sellers list of Publishers Weekly and The New York Times. The book mentioned how the lunar eclipses coincided with the Jewish holidays but omitted the predictions made by Blitz.

Because of the things that they told about the lunar eclipses, the blood moon prophecy soon gained popularity among a number of people. The issue was tackled in various publications, including USA Today and The Washington Post. People also voiced their questions regarding the predictions associated with the prophecy but Samantha Blake of Christian Today reported that not all Christians really believed in the significance of the eclipse.

Meanwhile, Bruce McClure and Deborah Bird, writers for Earth & Sky, reported that the verse about the blood moon might also be referring to solar eclipse. The writers also noticed that one of the six lunar eclipses coincides with the Passover or Sukkot. Moreover, since the advent of first century AD, 62 tetrads had already incurred and eight of them had events coinciding with the said feasts. Such condition is not unusual, as indicated by Hagee and Blitz. Moreover, it seems that three of the four eclipses could not be observed from the biblical homeland Israel, which caused a number of people to doubt Hagee and Blitz’ proclamations regarding the blood moon.

Loch Ness Monster

Photo Proves Lock Ness Monster Is Real

Recently, a phot of the so-called Loch Ness monster, which was photograph by Ian Bremner, came out in The Scotsman. Bremner was reportedly driving around the Highlands when something in the Loch Ness caught his eye.

According to Bremner, a man working at a distillery, he was trying to get some good images of a red deer when he saw something totally different in his viewfinder (considering that he is looking for a red deer in a body of water, the odds are pretty high). Then, he claimed that he saw something on his screen and he could only scream his excitement and wonder with what he saw.

For those who have no idea what it is, the Loch Ness monster, is supposedly a long-necked and humped beast which people have been trying to find since the 1930s. Bremner admitted that he was first skeptic regarding the idea of the Loch Ness monster and he greatly thinks that it was just a made story to attract tourists. However, because of what he saw, he now thinks that the mythical beast might be for real.

Whether it is really the mysterious monster or snake which just looked like a bit different in the camera, people should just look at the image and decide for themselves.