Chucky 7

The demonic and killing doll Chucky seems to be coming back in a movie supposedly entitled “Chucky 7.” The rumors on the 7th installment of the Chucky series became more intense when the filmmaker Don Mancini tweeted that Chucky 7 has already started filming.

The Child’s Play movie franchise is one of the creepiest movie series ever made, where Chucky the killing doll became so famous and made people take a second look at their dolls. With Chucky 7, the notorious doll is slated to come back, according to Mancini, who served as the writer for all the six movies in the franchise. He also directed the last two films. It seemed that the director implied that the next Child’s Play film may be set in South Africa.

In one teasing tweet, he asked if it’s alright to shoot Chucky 7 in Capetwon. It was followed by another tweet stating that “HE’S BA-AAAAAACK (SOON) #Chucky7.”

Fans of Child’s Play are not surprised anymore with such tweets from Mancini. He had already tweeted before regarding the possibility of Chucky 7.

The next Child’s Play movie is currently called as Chucky 7. Supposedly, the story of the seventh movie would follow the events of Curse of Chucky, the sixth film in the franchise. There’s also a possibility that Chucky’s ex-wife, Tiffany, will be coming back in Chucky 7.

Based on the plot, Chucky will come back to haunt and terrorize her human daughter Nica. In addition, some of his enemies should watch their backs as the doll is aiming to settle some score with them with the aid of Tiffany.

Though the list seems to be not final yet, the cast may include stars from the previous films, including Fiona Dolurif, Summer Howell, Jennifer Tilly, and Brad Dourif. Other stars who are rumored to be appearing in the film include Daniel Bisutti, Brennan Eliott, Chantal Quesnelle, A Martinez, and Maitland McConnell.

Aside from the former couple’s reunion, the movie may also add some light to the story of their children, the twins Glen and Glenda. Though the twins are just minor characters, Mancini wanted to highlight their story in the film.

The director further added that people would not stop thinking about the twins as just the killer doll’s children. There should be something more in them given that they are the children of killer and schizophrenic doll. Mancini admitted that the twins are always in his mind.

And because Child’s Play series started with a killer doll, it would not be right to not show any dolls in Chucky 7. Mancini said that he imagines the twins living a normal life as teenagers as their mother begins sewing Chucky’s doll parts together to bring him back to life and to give his children some morbid lessons in life.

Rumor has it that Chucky 7 will be coming out in theaters in 2017. However, whether it can dethrone The Boy as the Evil Doll Box Office film remains to be seen.

Vera Farmiga

Vera Ann Farmiga is an American actress, producer, and director, who began acting on Broadway in the play Taking Side (1996). Her first TV series was Roar (1997(, and her first movie was Return to Paradise (1998). She is a psydo scream queen after staring in The Conjuring franchise, Joshua and Orphan.

The actress breakout role was in the film Down to the Bone (2004). Afterward, she was seen in various films, including The Manchurian Candidate (2004), The Departed (2006), The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008), and Nothing But the Truth (2008). Farmiga’s performance in Up in the Air (2009) was highly praised, which also earned her a nomination for the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The other movies which starred Farmiga included Orphan (2009), Source Code (2011), and Safe House (2012). The actress also directed the film Higher Ground (2011). Farmiga also played the paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2.

Farmiga was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in Bates Motel.


Farmiga originated from Clifton, New Jersey. Her parent, both Ukrainian-born, are Lubomyra and Michael Farmiga. Her first language was Ukrainian. The actress attended St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic School in Newark, New Jersey and graduated high school in the Hunterdon Central Regional High School. After discovering her penchant for acting, Farmiga studied performing arts at Syracuse University.

Farmiga has six siblings, Victor, Stephan, Nadia, Alexander, Laryssa, and Taisa, and her grandparents emigrated to the US when her mother was still a baby.


Farmiga’s first acting stint on stage included her role as Miranda in the American Conservatory Theater’s production of The Tempest. She was also a member of The Barrow Group. Her Broadway debut was in the play Taking Sides (1996). Afterward, she became a part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame TV film, Rose Hill, taking the role of Emily Elliot.

The actress also had a role in the Fox TV series Roar and a guest starring role in Law & Order. Farmiga continued appearing in TV series, movies, and in stage. She was seen in the movie Return to Paradise in 199e followed by Autumn in New York in 2000.

The actress was also part of the movie The Opportunists, which came out the same year as Autumn in New York. Her next role was in the box-office hit 15 Minutes. The movie was followed by her appearance in Dust at the Venice Film Festival in 2001. Farmiga was also a part of the TV series UC: Undercover and the TV film Snow White: The Fairest of Them All.

Farmiga’s first starring role was in the movie Love in the Time of Money, which first aired at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002. It was followed by the stage play Under the Blue Sky, which premiered at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. After the play, Farmiga became part of the comedy movie Dummy in 2003. However, her breakout role turned out to be that of Irene Morrison in the indie film Down to the Bone, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004. She was nominated for the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead.

In the field of TV series, Farmiga appeared in HBO’s Iron Jawed Angels and in the American adaptation of Touching Evil, playing the role of Detective Susan Branca. Afterward, she played a supporting role in the critically acclaimed The Manchurian Candidate. Afterward, Farmiga was seen again in film Neverwas, which was first seen at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005.

Farmiga is known for creating short films for her auditions. This led to an invitation by Martin Scorsese for a chemistry read with Leonardo DiCaprio. The actress bagged the role of the police psychiatrist Dr. Madolyn Madden in The Departed, which turned out to be a box-office hit worldwide. Her performance in the movie earned Farmiga nomination for the Empire Award for Best Newcomer and shared the nomination for Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

The actress starred in another thriller, Running Scared, in 2006. That same year, Farmiga was seen in the film Breaking and Entering, playing the role of an Eastern European prostitute. The movie was followed by her role in the Korean-American romantic drama, Never Forever, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. She also appeared in the movies Joshua (2007) and Quid Pro Quo (2008). Farmiga was praised for her role in Quid Pro Quo, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

In 2008, Farmiga was seen in the critically acclaimed The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and her role in the movie earned her the British Independent Film Award for Best Actress. She would play afterward the role of a CIA operative in Nothing But the Truth, and her role led to her nomination for the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Farmiga was seen next in the box-office hit thriller, Orphan, in 2009. The film received mixed reviews but the actress’ performance was praised. Afterward, she appeared in A Heavenly Vintage (2009), which was first screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In 2009, Farmiga received recognition again for her role in the comedy-drama, Up in the Air. The film was box-office hit and was critically acclaimed. Her role in the film earned Farmiga several nominations, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, and Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress. In 2010, the actress was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Farmiga next played the role of Julie in Henry’s Crime (2009). The surrealist romantic comedy received mixed reviews but Farmiga’s performance was praised. Afterward, she became part of the sci-fi action thriller, Source Code, which was first screened at South by Southwest in 2011.

The first film that Farmiga directed was Higher Ground, in which she also played a role. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011 and was positively reviewed by critics.

Farmiga’s next film was Goats followed by her role as a CIA operative in Safe House (2012).

In 2013, Farmiga took on the role of Norma Louise Bates in the TV series, Bates Motel. The role earned her a Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television and nominations for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series, Satellite Award for Best Actress – Television Drama Series, Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, and the TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Drama.

Farmiga then played the role of Lorraine Warren in the box-office hit The Conjuring (2013), and she was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Scared-As-Shit-Performance. She appeared again in the sequel entitle The Conjuring 2 (2016).

In 2013, Farmiga starred with her sister Taissa in At Middleton, which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival. She was also seen in the movie Closer to the Moon (2015) and The Judge (2014).

Farmiga’s succeeding films included Special Correspondents (April 2016), Burn Your Maps (September 2016), The Escape (October 2016), as well as Boundaries and The Commuter, which are set to release sometime in the future.

The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno (2013) is an American cannibal horror film that served as an homage to Italian cannibal films that became popular in the 1970s and the 1980s. The so-called “cannibal boom” included the 1980 movie, Cannibal Holocaust. Directed by Eli Roth, The Green Inferno features a group of activists who must do everything that they can to survive the hands of the cannibalistic tribe that captured them.

Justine, a college freshman, joins the activists, Alejandro and Kara, in their trip to the Amazon forest to prevent a certain company from further harming and obliterating the ancient tribes who live there. The group aims to expose logging crew through media and with Justine’s father’s help.

Funded by a drug dealer named Carlos, the group arrives at Peru at begins their protest by chaining themselves to the bulldozers. Their protests go viral in the internet when Justine is shot by militia officers. They are arrested but are eventually freed. On their way back, the plane crashes, killing Carlos.

The survivors try to search for a GPS phone but painted suddenly come and Kara is immediately killed. The others are knocked unconscious by tranquilizer darts. They wake up in cages in the middle of the tribe’s village. Then, they watch in horror as the tribe leader dismembers and eats one of their members. The group realizes that it’s the tribe that they are trying to protect, and Alejandro confessed that Carlos just paid him to head the protest.

Afterward, the females are examined, and Justine is prepared for a genital mutilation ceremony since she is a virgin.

Samantha manages to escape but the next day before the ceremony Amy eats and finds a scrap of skin with Samantha’s tattoo. She then commits suicide upon realizing what she has just eaten. Lars then shows down a sack of marijuana in Amy’s throat. Justine and Daniel escape during the commotion though Alejandro is left behind and Lars is also eaten later on.

Justine and Daniel go back to the crash site and find a phone. However, the tribe recaptures them again. Daniel is fed to the ants while Justine escapes with the help of a child sympathizer. Justine sees Daniel and searches his body for the phone. Daniel begs Justine to kill him but Justine cannot. The child sympathizer then slits Daniel’s throat. Justine is pursued by other tribe members and thus, she decides to cross the river even though there is a black jaguar on the other side. The jaguar does not harm her and the tribe members did not follow her. Justine sees the loggers killing the other members of the tribe and she is saved when she pretends to shoot the firing with her phone.

Justine is brought back to New York and she claims that she is the only survivor of the crash and that the tribe was friendly.

A scene shows Julia talking to Alejandro’s sister, who says that her brother has been found. A GPS image shows Alejandro, standing in the middle of the jungle with his whole body painted in black.

The Witch

The Witch is historical period supernatural horror film which hit the theaters just this 2016. The movie is about a Puritan family who are forced to face the forces of evil in the woods beyond their farm in New England. Directed by Robert Eggers, the film stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Granger and Lucas Dawson.

The film is set in the 17th century in New England and starts with William who is in danger of being banished from a Puritan plantation, including his wife Katherine and their children, Thomasin, Caleb, and the twins, Mercy and Jonas. With the issue on the difference in the interpretation of the New Testament, the family decides to leave the Puritan plantation and start anew in secluded forest far away from the Puritan settlement. When Katherine’s new born baby, Samuel, disappears, the family learns that the infant was kidnapped by a witch who was living in the woods.

Katherine lives in agony, whereas William and Caleb hunts the witch in the forest. Caleb asks his father about his fate but he learns that William has traded Katherine’s silver cup for hunting supplies. Meanwhile, the twin play with their goat, whom they claim can speak. Katherine asks Thomasin about the silver cup and insinuating that the girl was at fault for the disappearance of the baby. That night, the children hear their parents sending Thomasin away.

The next morning, Thomasin goes with Caleb into the woods. When their dog chases a hare and Caleb starts to follow, Thomasin is left alone with the horse. The horse throws her and she is left unconscious. Meanwhile, Caleb gets lost in the woods before finding the corpse of their dog and encountering a beautiful woman in house in the middle of the word. Thomasin wakes and sees her father searching for her and her brother. Katherine blames Thomasin for taking her brother into the woods, while William confesses that he’s the one who sold Katherine’s silver cup.

That night, a naked Caleb returns and obviously suffering from some unknown illness. Her mother thinks that it was the work of a witch. When Caleb dies the next day, the twins accuse Thomasin of being a witch. Thomasin then reveals that the twins are talking to their goat. Left with no choice, their father locked the children in the goat stable.

The children wake up to see a naked old woman drinking the blood of a goat, whereas Katherine hallucinates about breastfeeding her baby which turned out to be black raven pecking on her breast. William sees the destroyed stable the next day, the dead goats, and finds out that the twins are missing. Meanwhile, Thomasin lies unconscious with blood stains on her hands. William is impaled by the black goat. Katherine tries to kill her daughter thinking that she killed her husband and the twins. Thomasin defends her self and kills her mother.

Thomasin discovers that the goat is no other than Satan, who then asks her to serve him. Thomasin then begins wandering the forest before she joins a cover of other witches.

Annabelle 2

Conjuring Doll Returns For Sequel

James Wan made another mark in the field of horror films with the release of Annabelle in 2014, which served as a spin-off of Wan’s The Conjuring. Annabelle was focused on the creep and haunted doll who was first mentioned in the conjuring.

However, without the help of James Wan, John R. Leonetti failed to achieve the same extent of success of The Conjuring with Annabelle. Still, the film made $256 million in the box office and it is not surprising that a sequel is now already in the works.

And now Annabelle 2 has showcased its first teaser, showing the contributions of the talented Miranda Otto, who is most popular for her work in Homeland and The Lord of the Rings movie franchise.

Annabelle 2 is directed by Light’s Out David F. Sandberg, and the screenplay was written by Gary Dauberman, the man behind Annabelle. Other people would be working Otto, including Without a Trace’s Anthony LaPaglia and Spectre’s Stephanie Sigman.

The story of Annabelle 2 would start seven years after the death of the daughter of a dollmaker and his wife. The couple then receives as guest a nun and some girls from an orphanage, who would soon become the next target of the possessed doll, Annabelle.

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Amityville: The Awakening

Jennifer Jason Leigh is an American actress, writer, producer, and director. She first became popular with her film, Fast Time at Ridgemont High in 1982. Her roles in the movies Miami Blues and Last Exit to Brooklyn were also widely acclaimed. She was also noted for roles in Ron Howard’s Backdraft and Single White Female.

She appeared in Short Cuts in 1993, followed by the Coen brothers’ The Hudsucker Proxy. Leigh portrayed the role of Dorothy Parker in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. She was part of Georgia (1995), a film written by her mother, Barbara Turner. Aside from being an actress, Leigh experienced directing when she co-directed the film The Anniversary Party in 2001.

Her next movie was Margot at the Wedding (2007), which was directed by her then-husband Noah Baumbach. She was praised for voicing Lisa in Anomalisa and for portraying Daisy Domergue in Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight. Her role in Hateful Eight earned her another Golden Globe nomination and nominations for Critic’s Choices, BAFTA, and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She also appeared in the TV shows, such as the Road to Perdition (2002) and Weeds.

Leigh also performed on stage and became part of Abigail’s Party, which earned a Drama Desk award.


Leigh’s was born in Hollywood, California to her parents, Victor Morrow and Barbara Turner. She has an older sister, Carrie Ann Morrow and half-sister Mina Badie.


Leigh did her first acting stint when she was nine in the film Death of a Stranger (The Execution) (1973), in which she received a nonspeaking role. Then, she attended workshops until she bagged a role in the film The Young Runaways (1978). She also appeared in the TV series Baretta and The Waltons. Leigh played the role of an anorexic teenager in The Best Little Girl in the World. Her first big screen film was Eyes of a Stranger (1981), in which she played the role of a blind, deaf, and mute rape victim. Then came the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982). Her other early appearances were in the movies Flesh + Blood (1985), The Hitcher (1986), and Heart of Midnight (1989).

Leigh made a mark with her roles in the film Last Exit to Brooklyn, in which she received the New York Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress. Then she received her first mainstream Hollywood in Backdraft, which was followed by Rush (1991). Her movie Single White Female (1992) was surprisingly a big hit and earned her the MTV Movie Award for Best Villain and a nomination for Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress.

The actress was also a part of the Stephen King adaptation, Dolores Clairborne, where she starred alongside Kathy Bates. Her role of Saddie Fool in Georgie was widely praised. She was awarded with the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress and Best Actress from the Montreal World Film and a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for her role.

Leigh also appeared in indie productions, including Short Cuts (1993) and Kansas City (1996). She collaborated with the Coen brother in The Hudsucker Proxy (1994). Her role in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994) earned her a nomination for Golden Globe Award and the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress, the Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress, and Fort Lauderdale Film Critics Best Actress Award. Her next appearance was in 1997 in Washington Square followed the TV film The Love Letter. She also appeared in David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ (1999).

In the 2000s, Leigh became part of the Road to Perdition (2002), In the Cut (2003), and The Machinist (2004). She received a Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in Childstar in 2005. Afterward, she landed roles in Palindromes (2004) and The Jacket (2005). Her next films were Margot at the Wedding and Greenberg. Leigh also appeared in the TV series Weeds and Revenge. She received honors for her contributions in the independent cinema at the Telluride Film Festival (1993) and from the Film Society of Lincoln Center (2002). Her film work was also featured by the American Cinematheque in 2001.

Leigh’s Role in Tarantino’s Hateful Eight earned her nominations for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, BAFTA for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Leigh also appeared in several Broadway productions, including Cabaret, Proof, The Glass Menagerie, Man of Destiny, The Shadow Box, Picnic, Sunshine, Abigail’s Party, and House of Blue Leaves revival.

The actress co-wrote and co-directed the indie film The Anniversary Party. She and her co-writer Alan Cumming received a citation for Excellence in Filmmaking from the National Board Review and a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature and Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay.

She is set to start in the new Amityville: The Awakening film to be released Jan 6, 2017

Wes Craven

Wes Craven Biggest Film Disaster Cursed

Cursed is a new werewolf film created by Wes Craven. However, because of its oddity and disastrous production behind-the-scenes, the film sparks a new interest among the viewers. The initial production was such a disaster that the whole film was shot entirely including the individual sections. Well, it seems that no one would believe such story once they see the werewolf in the story. Not only does the werewolf looks bad, Cursed is basically lame, boring, and tends to be funny in some ways.

The plot of the movie is pretty basic. It starts with somebody famous being killed. In this case, the famous person was killed by a car who was serving while trying to avoid hitting an animal. The car was driven by Ellie (Christina Ricci) and Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg). The two then got out of the vehicle to try helping the person in the car that the hit. However, they were scratched by a werewolf who has already eaten the passenger of the overturned car.

Afterward, the two began experiencing strange things. Jimmy gained extra strength and confidence, which helped winning over the girl that he liked.

Ellie also sensed that something strange was happening to her, especially when she’s at work. These strange happenings eventually got in between her and her boyfriend (Joshua Jackson).

The things that happened to the eventually got worse, and they realized that they must find the werewolf and kill it. However, the audience would be baffled since there could only be three suspects in the movie. Moreover, the film proves to be not that scary or thrilling at all. In fact, it does not boast of excitement or anything.

Given the definition of the horror film, a lot of people would wonder why the movie is considered as a horror flick. The characters are more concerned with their relationships among other things. Though the movie feels somewhat the movie Scream, the characters in Scream were interesting to watch. However, in Cursed, the characters are not that special and every bit of a dull. The film was said to be a character-driven horror film. Yet, including such type of characters was the film’s biggest mistake.

The actors also could not seem to find their right place in the film, especially Christina Ricci, who delivered what can only be described as an awkward performance.

And the acting gets worse when she is next to Joshua Jackson.

Basically, the two do not show any chemistry. In the case of Eisenberg, well his performance is also not that sparkly.

Writing Cursed seems to be the last straw for Kevin Williamson, after successfully writing Scream, the man certainly did a great job of sabotaging his career.

As for the werewolf, there isn’t much too say about the effects but bad. The CGI was bad and even the costume fails to bring on the werewolf spirit.

In short, it is a wrong move to show the movie. Moreover, it is beyond saving. Though the film started with a good idea, something really messed during its production.

Beetlejuice 2

Because everything in Hollywood gets a sequel now, more people have already been wondering these past years whether the famous movie, Beetlejuice, will finally get a second installment. Directed by Tim Burton, people would not generally think that the phenomenal 1988 movie would ever have a sequel, but when Dark Shadows was rebooted, well, it seemed that anything is possible now. In fact, Burton had already met up with the screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith and advised the writer to write a script and they would see where to go from there. However, a few years have already passed and the rumors on the Beetlejuice sequel is still a rumor. In addition, there aren’t any news yet if Tim Burton has finally agreed to direct the film.

In a recent interview with Tim Burton for his latest film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the director made some clarifications regarding the sequel of Beetlejuice and debunking some of the rumors circulating around.

According to the director, he is extremely interested in the doing the film but some people just kept on fabricating stories. The truth is, the director had already talked with Michael Keaton and Winona, and they all agreed that should the sequel be made, it has to be at the right time and under the right circumstances. Moreover, he emphasized that Beetlejuice is really not the type of movie that requires to have a sequel, though it would be great if another movie would come out. Thus, at the moment, there’s nothing solid yet concerning the sequel of Beetlejuice.

Thus, in summary, Beetlejuice is not in the works yet, and it is possible that it would not be made at all. However, at present, it seems that Burton is slated to direct a live-action of Dumbo for Disney, indicating that having the right circumstances for the creation of Beetlejuice 2 in the near future is slim.

Nevertheless, fans of the movie should not stop hoping because the Beetlejuice sequel might still have a chance.

Godzilla Resurgence

Probably the world’s grizzliest monster, Godzilla will take on the big screen again in Godzilla: Resurgence, thanks to Toho Co., Ltd., the company that produce the original Godzilla movie.

Godzilla: Resurgence is the 31st movie in the franchise, and the directors, Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, made sure that the audience will be terrified of the monster. The new Godzilla stands 389 feet tall and is comparatively bigger than that that in the last Godzilla movie, which stood about 354 feet tall. And because of its staggering size, the monster appeared more monstrous and terrifying compared with the other Godzilla films.

Godzilla: Resurgence is set in Japan, and the time period is the present. The monster appears for the first time in the country, where it first attacked an abandoned yacht in Tokyo Bay, causing the collapse of the Aqua-line. Seeing what happened, Japan’s Deputy Chief Yaguchi greatly thinks that it might have been a living creature which has destroyed the yacht and the Aqua-line. It was not long until the country is plague by an unknown and terrifying creature who is destroying the city while killing people along the way. Japan’s government pooled out all it resources, calling all the scientists and scholars who are tasked of identifying the monster. The monster was named Godzilla, and people discovered that the monster’s power comes from nuclear fission, making it impossible for them to destroy it.

Godzilla: Resurgence received positive reviews from some of its viewers, as they noticed how the movie indicated the original story and showing Godzilla as a very terrifying monster. Overall, the film would appeal to the Godzilla fans who are craving for a darker and scarier version of the monster. The movie is overwhelmingly frightening compared with the other movies since 1954. The creators of the movie made sure of it. The movie boasts of references to the original film but without spoiling the most chilling and surprising events in the story.

Some reviewers were positively surprised with the film. They greatly think that it is only apt that the film should be a box-office hit. Toho did a great job with Godzilla: Resurgence and some fans are already looking forward to the other Godzilla films that could be possibly made in the future. Previous reports stated that the movie has already earned 3 billion yen and the number is still going up. Clearly, the directors of the movie succeeded in bringing to the people a monster that is fully capable of destroying a government that incompetent and corrupt.

The movie is still slated to be released in other countries.

Jessica Lange

Jessica Phyllis Lange is highly praised American actress known for her various works in film, theater, and television. She received several awards in her career, including two Academy Awards, a Tony Award, three Emmy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Dorian Awards. The actress also became a part of Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Greatest Actresses of the ‘90s. Her latest achievement is the Triple Crown of Acting, which she received in 2016.

Lange was first a part-time model for Wilhelmina modelling agency before she was discovered by the producer Dino De Laurentiis. Her first professional acting stint was in the 1976 remake of King Kong, which landed her her first Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year. In 1982, she received to Oscar nominations, and her role in Tootsie won her a second Golden Globe Award and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She was also nominated in the Best Actress category of the Academy Awards because of her role in Frances. In 1994, Lange received the Academy Award for Best Actress for the movie Blue Sky.

Lange’s next award would be in 2010, when she won a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in HBO’s Grey Gardens. Afterward, she was given her first Screen Actors Guild Award, fifth Golden Globe Award, and additional Emmy Awards for her roles in the horror anthology series, American Horror Story.

In theater, the actress earned her first Tony Award for Best Performance by Leading Actress in a Play in 2016, and it was followed by an Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Lead Actress in a Play and a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actress in a Play, thanks to her unparalleled performance in Long Day’s Journey into Night.

Aside from acting, Lange is also busy with other things. She delved in photography and managed to publish her works. She was also a foster parent, and a present she is the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Her advocacy is mainly involved in HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Russia.

Lange originated from Cloquet, Minnesota. Her family consisted of his father, who worked as a teacher and traveling salesman, her mother, and her siblings, Ann, Jane, and George. Her family’s roots can be traced back in Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland. Her childhood required them to move a lot before they finally settled down in Minnesota, where she graduated from Cloquet High School.

Lange was a scholar in art and photography at the University of Minnesota. She met at the school the Spanish photographer, Paco Grande, whom she eventually married in 1971. The actress quit school, with the aim of living a bohemian lifestyle. She ended up traveling with her husband through the US and Mexico. The two drifted apart when they started living in Paris. In Paris, Lange studied mime theatre and became a dance for the Opera-Cornique.

She then became a model for Wilhelmina, and while modelling in New York, got discovered and earned her role in the remake of King Kong.


Insidious (2011) is a supernatural horror film and the first installment in the film series of the same name. The movie is about a couple whose comatose son becomes plagued by ghosts who want to use the boy’s body as vessel.

The film starts with the couple, Josh and Renai, and their children, Dalton, Foster, and Cali starting a new life in their new home. While exploring their new house, Dalton sees a figure in the shadows and falls from the ladder leading to the attic. His parents rush to him and forbid going to the attic again. Dalton falls into a coma the next day.

After months of failed treatment, the couple bring the unconscious Dalton home. Then strange and supernatural things started happening to them and the couple is forced to find another home.

In their new home, Renai glimpses the ghost of a dancing boy who then guides her to Dalton’s room. Then Josh’s mom comes to visit and before she can tell her dream about Dalton, she sees a monstrous red-faced demon behind Josh. The woman screams, and things start happening in Dalton’s room, leaving the boy lying on the floor.

Josh’s mom seeks the help of the demonologists, Elise, Specs, and Tucker. Elise senses right away a presence, and she sees the red-faced demon on the celling.

Elise then explains that Dalton is not really in a coma but instead stuck in the purgatory realm called “The Further,” where the tortured souls of the dead remain. And because of his lost consciousness, spirits use Dalton’s body to enter the physical world. Josh accepts the truth when he sees that his son’s drawings resemble the demon sketched by Specs.

Elise performs a séance to reach Dalton’s consciousness but she is blocked by a demon who tries to attack them with Dalton’s body. Elise then confesses she has known Josh’s mother for a long time because Josh was also a victim of terrorizing spirit before. It turns out that Josh is also capable of astral projection, and they should use such ability to go into the Further in order to save Dalton.

Josh then goes into a trance with Elise’s help and projects himself to their former home. He reaches the attic and finds a red door, and he is attacked by a mysterious creature who also attacked his wife. Josh defeats the figure and fins his son chained in the demon’s lair. Josh cannot defeat the demon so he decides to just flee with his son. He also encounters the spirit who plagued him before. After confronting the spirit, Josh and Dalton wake up in their physical bodies, and the haunting spirits seem to have disappeared.

Afterward, Elise prepares to leave but notices that Josh’s hands are dirty. When she takes a photo of Josh, the man is enraged and kills Elise. Renai eventually finds Elise’s body and she sees that the image of Josh taken by Elise shows the spirit that haunted. Realizing that Josh has been possessed, Josh then appears and places his hand on her wife’s shoulder.

Kate Beckinsale

Kathrin Romary “Kate” Beckinsale is an English actress who debuted in the movie Much Ado About Nothing (1993). Afterward, she was seen in various British costume dramas, including Prince of Jutland, Cold Comfort Farm, Emma, and The Golden Bowl. She tried pursuing her acting career in the US and was included in small scale dramas like The Last Days of Disco and Brokedown Palace. The year 2001 was a huge year for her because she starred in to great movies, Pearl Harbor and Serendipity. She would be seen next in the movies, The Aviator and Click.

Beckinsale’s talents in action films was first glimpsed in the Underworld film series, followed by her other movies, such as Van Helsing, Whiteout, Contraband, and Total Recall. She was played roles in smaller dramatic projects, including Snow Angels, Nothing but the Truth, and Everybody’s Fine. She was widely praised for her role in the movie Love & Friendship.

Beckinsale has always wanted to be an actress and her first TV appearance was in the ITV adaptation of P.D. James’ Devices and Desires. It would be followed by a role in the series Anna Lee, and Hero role in Much Ado About Nothing. Her next movie projects were Prince of Jutland, Uncovered, and Cold Comfort Farm. Beckinsale was also seen in Haunted and she debuted in the state in The Seagull at Theatre Royal Bath. She also appeared in other plays including Sweetheart at the Royal Court Theatre and Clocks and Whistles at the Bush Theatre.

After appearing in the TV series Emma, Beckinsale became part of the hit comedy movie Shooting Fish.

Beckinsale’s career in Hollywoord started with The Last Days of Disco, in which her performance earned a London Critics’ Circle Film Award. Then, she became part of Through the Looking-Glass and Brokedown Palace. In 2000, Beckinsale was seen again in the movie The Golden Bowl.

However, it was not until a year later that Beckinsale would become insanely famous because of her appearance in Pearl Harbor. Beckinsale also gained popularity with her role in the romantic comedy Serendipity.

In 2003, Beckinsale showed her skills in making action films with Underworld. Her next action flick was Van Helsing. In 2004, the actress appeared in The Aviator and reprised her role as Selene in Underworld: Evolution. She starred with Adam Sandler in the comedy movie Click in 2006.

After working in the big screen, Beckinsale did small-scale projects including Snow Angels, Vacancy, Winged Creatures, and Nothing but the Truth.

Afterward, she went back to the big screen with Whiteout and a cameo appearance in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Her next movie was Everybody’s Fine, which failed to make profit.

In 2012, Beckinsale was seen again in the movie Contraband followed by Underworld: Awakening. Beckinsale was also a part of Total Recall and the legal thriller The Trials of Cate McCall. She was also part of the Stonehearst Asylum, The Face of an Angel, and Absolutely Anything.

Beckinsale’s latest film was Love & Friendship, and she is a part of the upcoming movies The Disappointments Room and Underworld: Blood Wars.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an interactive drama and survival horror adventure game in PS$ platform. Originally, the game was to be released in PS3 platform but it became an exclusive game for PS4.

The game is set in Western Canada, where eight teenagers spend their night in a cabin on the fictional Blackwood Mountain, exactly one year after two girls whom the group knew disappeared. They have barely settled in when the group is attacked by a psychopath and the teenagers try to survive at least until dawn. During the game, the players will alternate between the characters, and they are required to make decisions which will affect their progress in the game. In relation to this, the different decisions that the players can make may lead to different scenarios.

Until Dawn was positively received by critics, with their praises allotted for the game’s visuals, horror elements, music, choice mechanic, characters, voice acting, and gameplay design.

The game can also be played a number of times since the players cannot learn all the content with just one game. A playthrough can last for nine hours, and the Butterfly effect used in the in-game system leads to consequences that the players will know until later. In addition, the decision made the players usually revolves around ethical or moral dilemmas, for instance, they may be forced to sacrifice a character in order to save another. Thus, it is possible to preserve the lives of all the characters on the game or just let them all die. The strict auto-save system prevents players from reloading a previous save file should they realize that they made the wrong decision.

Playing the game basically involves exploration, quick-time events, searching for clues, and making decisions. The in-game system lets the players keep track of the clues that they have already found along with the secret players that they encountered. The clues will be used by the players in unraveling the mysteries of Blackwood.

In the game, it was revealed that the two girls (Hannah and Beth) became lost when the rest of the group tried to prank Hannah for trying to move on Mike. It seemed that the girls were hunted by a creature before they fell off a cliff.

After one year, the rest of group reunite and some of them engage in a confrontation. The remaining friends will then decide to go wherever they want and the adventure starts when one of them gets attacked by an unknown creature. The current player will then make decisions which can affect the things that will happen to him later on. The player will discover about an incident that happened 30 years ago and more members the group are attacked all the while.

The player (and the teenagers in the story) will learn that the killer is no other than the person who invited them and the brother of the two girls who fell to their death. They also learn about the wendigos and will be hunted by them. The surviving members will then encounter some wendigos and will try to survive until help comes for them.

Twin Peak

Twin Peaks TV Show On Showtime

Twin Peak is an upcoming American television, which will continue the story of the original series of the same name, which was shown in TV from 1990 to 1991. Some of the original cast members, including Kyle Maclachlan, are slated to appear in the show.

The Twin Peaks miniseries was announced on October 6, 2014 and the show will be aired by Showtime. The writers of the show stated that the story of will pick up from where the original series ended. The episodes are set at the present, and there will be special focus on the 25-year gap.

However, in March 2015, the development of the series was in the rocks as Lynch, one of the writers, doubted if the production could go one because of some complications. However, Showtime reiterated that the show was still green lighted and production was still in progress. Lynch announce in April 2015 that he would not be directing the nine episodes of the series because of limited budget. Fortunately, he and Showtime were able to come to an agreement. At a panel held in Seattle, it was announced that the new Twin Peaks would have 18 episodes and other cast members, such as Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee, confirmed it.

On January 12, 2015, it was announced that Kyle MacLachlan will reprising his role in the show. Other original cast members that were slated to come back in the series include David Duchovny as DEA agent Denise Bryson, Miguel Ferrer as Albert Rosenfield, and Richard Beymer and David Patrick Kelly as Benjamin Horne and Jerry Horne, respectively. Alicia Witt will also come back to the show as Gersten Hayward, and Sherilyn Fenn will continue her role as Audrey Horne. David Lynch was also said to reprise his role as Gordon Cole.

On the other hand, Russ Tamblyn had an open heart surgery and the writers are still waiting if he would be able to join the cast. Meanwhile, Catherine E. Coulson and David Bowie died before they production of the series could be finished.

Sadly, other original cast members, including Piper Laurie, Lara Flynn Boyle, Michael J. Anderson, Joan Chen, Michael Ontkean, Eric Da Re, and Heather Graham will not be coming to reprise their roles in the new Twin Peaks.

In July 2015, it was announced that Twin Peaks will possibly air in 2017 though the writers were hoping to show in 2016. Showtime president David Nevins also stated that the fate of the show is really in the hands of its writers, David Lynch and Mark Frost. Though the original episodes for the show was nine, he cleared up that there could actually be more. In January 2016, it was announced that Twin Peaks will officially premiere in the first half of 2017. Still, Showtime has not announced any news regarding the number of episodes but reports have it the entire production is already half-way done. Filming of the new Twin Peaks concluded in April 2016.

Aside from the original cast who were slated to comeback, a number of actors would be joining the series.

Sinister 2

Sinister 2 is the sequel to the supernatural horror film, Sinister. In the movie, James Ransone come back to reprise his role from the first movie, and he is joined by Shannyn Sossamon, who plays the role of a mother whose sons would be tormented in horror by the ghostly children in their farmhouse.

The film starts with the nightmare of the nine-year old Dylan Collins, showing the members of a family being hung up like scarecrows. The dream ends up with the family being burned alive. Dylan wakes up and sees a ghost that looks like his brother, Zach. Their family, including their mother Courtney, lives in farmhouse near a deconsecrated Lutheran church.

Meanwhile, the Deputy from the first movie arrives and seeks the help of the priest, claiming that he has discovered something very supernatural.

Courtney and her sons are chased by an unknown man. Fortunately, Courtney is helped by a security guard. The man is seen talking to someone with his phone afterwards.

Courtney continues her work in the church as the Deputy still investigates the murders connected to Bughuul.

Meanwhile, ghostly children, headed by a boy named Milo, plague Dylan every night, forcing him to watch “home movies” of families being murdered using macabre methods.

The deputy arrives to destroy the farmhouse. However, he sees Courtney and her sons. Courtney drives him away, thinking that the deputy is an accomplice of her husband. The deputy convinces her that he is not and proceeds with investigating the church. Courtney does not know what happened with the church but her sons seem to have some idea.

Afterward, the Deputy is haunted by Bughuul as he continues his investigation.

The children’s father arrives at the farmhouse to take them away but Deputy arrives and warns about not having a court order. Courtney wants to leave the place with her boys but Deputy convinces her not to in order to prevent from any murder happening again.

Deputy then meets a professor who has the ham radio that Professor Jonas from the first movie possessed. The listened to the radio and realized that Bughuul targets the children of the children of the murdered families.

Meanwhile, Zach gets jealous of Dylan, who has become the focus of the ghostly children. However, when Dylan refuses to watch movie clips anymore, Zach catches the attention of the ghostly children.

Courtney’s husband arrives with a court order and takes his family away. When Deputy learns of this, he follows them and warns them against the danger. However, he is only threatened by Courtney’s husband. Afterward, Zach’s mind has been contaminated by the ghostly children and Dylan calls Deputy for help.

Deputy arrives in the cornfield where Zach hanged his family on the scarecrow posts. Clint is already burning and Zach is about to light Courtney on fire. Deputy hits Zach with his car and saves Courtney and Dylan. Zach still pursues them and only stops when Deputy smashes the camera that he is using.

Deputy, Courtney, and Dylan survive while Zach falls into the hands of Bughuul. The movie ends with Deputy realizing that Bughuul is still out there.

Zombie Video Games

The Best Zombie Video Games Of All Time

In the last three decades, zombie games have always been a part of the gaming industry. Ever since the glorious years of 1980s, gamers have been constantly playing zombie video games starting from the Evil Dead to the Commodore 64. However, even though zombie games have already been existing for quite a while, they did not start becoming popular until the mid-1990s, thanks to SNES.

At present, zombie video games are growing stronger with the advent of TV series and movies featuring the living dead. In fact, most of the gamers today would have already played some zombie video games already. Thus, for people who are into zombie video games, they would find it interesting to know about some of the best zombie games of all time.


Most people might have just become familiar with Dead Nation when they started playing PS4. The game if one of the best twin-stick shooters platform out there. However, it did not become that much popular with its during its initial release along with Undead Nightmare, Dead Rising 2, and Age of Zombies.

In Dead Nation, the player has to pass through different levels, where they upgrade their characters and use the money that they earn. The player has to fight through a horde of zombies, which are attracted to loud noises and explosions. In addition, the players can kill waves of the undead through the environmental hazards that they encounter during their journey. Dead Nation is a strategy and skills game, and players are required to upgrade their characters and weapons.

The game also boasts of different zombie types, such as the slow-movers, acid-spitters, and screamers. In addition, the setting of the game is quite dark and moody, which makes people constantly look out for some zombies to kill.


Some people consider Killing Floor 2 as the cross-over of the Gears of War’s horde mode and zombies. Basically, players of the game have nothing to do but to kill zombies until their strengths run out. In between rounds, players can choose to upgrade their weapons and use bullet refills, new guns, and body armor.

The characters of the game can be a field medic, a support, or a gunner, and each character has a specific set of skill boosts. The settings for the characters necessitates the careful selection of the team members by the game player. The game was just recently released and it seems that people still have something to wait for in the near future.


Dead Rising was released in Xbox format about ten years ago, and people welcomed the kind of excitement that it brought in zombie video games. Only one player is allowed in the game, in which the character has to fight off the hordes of zombies that he will initially encounter in a shopping mall. The player also has to look for useful weapons as he levels up and gains special abilities throughout the game. In addition, the player can also kill the game through some unconventional ways, like smashing their heads with a cash register or killing them with a toy tennis ball shooter. Dead Rising was followed by two game sequels.


State of Decay had shortcomings when it came to content, but it still proved to be a fun game to play. In the game, the players try to build a community and protect their bases from zombies. They can recruit new characters along the way.

However, when the State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition was released in Xbox One and PC platforms, people came to enjoy the game more given the improvements that were made with the game.

11. LEFT 4 DEAD 2

Left 4 Dead was one of the zombie games that cater multiplayers, and the excitement that it brought the players was followed by the thrill of Left 4 Dead 2. The game is also popular for the different types of zombies that may be encountered by the players, such as the witch zombie, the boomers, hunters, jockeys, smokers, and tanks. Moreover, the game necessitates the players to cooperate and form a plan to save their team from the living dead.


The Walking Dead is a type of zombie game that appeals to the emotions of the player. The setting is the same as that of the original comic book, and the plot is about Lee Everett who is in a journey of trying to save the girl Clementine. The game eventually unfolds to tell Clementine’s story, and the player is required to make choices that can affect the outcome of the story and the succeeding chapters.


The House of the Dead can be considered as one of the best arcade game ever. In the game, the players use the rail shooter light gun to kill the zombies that were created by a mad scientist. It was one of those games in which players did not care much about the story but focused more on the excitement brought by gunning zombies.

8. DayZ

DayZ is popular on Steam, and the game is set in an open world where the player must survive both the zombies and other players. The game requires skill in scavenging for supplies and strategizing against the living dead and the alive. DayZ is quite exciting since the player has no idea when the zombies will attack and where.


Dying Light combines the concept of parkour and surviving against zombie attacks. It has become quite popular and a number of players found it challenging. Surely, the players will be forced to think and craft ways by which they can survive if they want to finish the game.


Call of Duty: World at War is a war that includes fighting Nazi zombies. One to four players may play the game, and they have to survive the waves of zombies in as many levels as possible. The difficulty of the wave increases with increasing levels, and the number of zombies also increases.


Resident Evil was released in 1996 and showed some influences coming from Alone in the Dark. The game was to become of the pillars of the survival horror genre, and numerous sequels would soon follow its release.

The game starts with the player being stuck in large mansion that is full of mutants and zombies.


Red Dead Redemption is set in the West and indicates an open world setting. The player can also kill zombie animals in the game and some mythical creatures. There’s also an “Undead Overrun” mode where the players can team up and kill waves of zombies together. Different types of zombies may be encountered in the game, including runners, bit fat, jiggly zombies, poisonous zombies, and crawlers.


The Last of Us is one of the games that has great visuals, great voice acting, magnificent gameplay, and an extremely disturbing story. The game features the main character, Joel, and his companion, Ellie. Their group tries to stay alive as they fight The Infected, which do not stop attacking and trying to have a bite of their living flesh.


Alone the Dark is set in a mansion, where the player’s character tries to discover the truth about a man who mysteriously committed suicide. Then, as the player explores the mansion, he would try to survive the zombies and other supernatural things that are found in the place.

  1. Zombies Ate My Neighbor

The trend of zombie video games might have started with Zombies Ate My Neighbors. The game features the team of Julia and Zeke, who will try to save humans from zombies in various game levels. Other enemies that are encountered in the game include axe babies, football players, martians, mummies, and a giant baby. It is a classic zombie video game which presents a quite different tone and excitement unlike the other games that succeeded it.

Blood Moon

The Blood Moon Prophecy

The Blood Moon Prophecy is a set of beliefs, which was made popular by the Christian minister, John Hagee and Mark Blitz. The blood moon prophecy tells of a tetrad of lunar eclipses that are in line with the Jewish holidays. The eclipses are separated by six full moons and partial lunar eclipses are also not observed. The blood moon prophecy started in April 2014 and it is considered as the sign of the end of times as dictated by the Book of Joel, Acts, and Revelation in the Bible. The last lunar eclipse of the tetrad was set to end in September 27-28, 2015.

The lunar eclipses of the blood moon prophecy occurred on April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015; and September 27, 2015.During the eclipses, the moon appeared red as caused by the Rayleigh scattering of sunlight in the Earth’s atmosphere.

A “blood moon” is considered as one of the signs of the end of days, as mentioned in several books of the bible.

Meanwhile, Blitz made predictions regarding the Second Coming of Christ in 2008 and he claimed that it would happen in the fall of 2015. Thus, the seven years between 2008 and 2015 would serve as the seven years of tribulation. Blitz also claimed to have discovered an astronomical pattern which could be used in determining the occurrence of the next tetrad lunar eclipse. However, come 2015, his prediction did not come true but he continued professing his teachings concerning the tetrad.

Afterward, Hagee would take advantage of Blitz’ teachings and used the information he gained to write a book, entitled Four Blood Moons. The book was a hit and occupied the top spot in Amazon for quite some time. It also made to the best sellers list of Publishers Weekly and The New York Times. The book mentioned how the lunar eclipses coincided with the Jewish holidays but omitted the predictions made by Blitz.

Because of the things that they told about the lunar eclipses, the blood moon prophecy soon gained popularity among a number of people. The issue was tackled in various publications, including USA Today and The Washington Post. People also voiced their questions regarding the predictions associated with the prophecy but Samantha Blake of Christian Today reported that not all Christians really believed in the significance of the eclipse.

Meanwhile, Bruce McClure and Deborah Bird, writers for Earth & Sky, reported that the verse about the blood moon might also be referring to solar eclipse. The writers also noticed that one of the six lunar eclipses coincides with the Passover or Sukkot. Moreover, since the advent of first century AD, 62 tetrads had already incurred and eight of them had events coinciding with the said feasts. Such condition is not unusual, as indicated by Hagee and Blitz. Moreover, it seems that three of the four eclipses could not be observed from the biblical homeland Israel, which caused a number of people to doubt Hagee and Blitz’ proclamations regarding the blood moon.

It Follows

How Quentin Tarantino Would Fix The Movie It Follows

Quentin Tarantino is one of the greatest directors of this generation and it is very good to know his personal taste in films. In a recent interview, Quentin revealed that he particularly liked the indie horror hit, It Follows. He concluded that the premise of the film was in fact, the best that he had encountered in years.

However, though he really liked the film, he still had some issues with it, particularly with the execution of the premise. Quentin thinks that he kind of hates the movie because it was very good but he could not say that it was that great. So rationally, the director might have had some thought on how he would have fixed the movie if he was the one who directed it.

First and foremost, Quentin thinks that the director of It Follows, David Robert Mitchell, should have just stick to the mythology that was originally portrayed. However, in the movie, the director told the story from different directions. According to Quentin, the bad guys follow one ultimate rule. They always aim at moving toward the victim. He particularly used as an example the guy who thought he saw a woman wearing a yellow dress, and it takes him a while before he realizes that the woman was the follower even though the girl who was with him failed to see anyone around them. So basically, Quentin though that the guy should have realized that he was being followed right away.

Quentin continued on mentioning some parts of the film that showed inconsistency. For example, the supernatural things had suddenly become aggressive and had learned to start hurling things around. Quentin could not just believe that the antagonists of the film evolved and learned concocting strategies.

Meanwhile, no one can blame Quentin for thinking of such things. The inconsistencies of the movies were quite obvious, as a matter of fact. For instance, the monster originally followed its victims, but after a while, it was seen just hanging around a theater or a rooftop. Then, “It” notably became more violent until the conclusion of the movie.

However, it seemed that the movie did not really want to come out as that great or consistent, and because of that, it still came out as fairly good. According to the movie’s director and writer, he wrote the monster of the different scenes based on the thing that was troubling him in those situations.

Thus, the manifestation of the monster was scary during the specific moment in which it came out. In addition, Mitchell admitted that his idea for the movie was somewhat ridiculous. Moreover, he knew that what he did with the forms of the monsters did not make any sense at all. Mitchell said that the plan for the movie was quite child-like and he intended to leave it that way.

On the other hand, Quentin also did not like that Jay did sleep with Paul so that she could pass the monster to him. He thought that it was only logical that to have intercourse with a boy who was willing to save her from the curse and allow himself to be the next victim of the monster.

Still, people should not blame Jay for refusing Paul’s help, especially when she knew what the monster was capable of and she knew that her boyfriend had also fallen victim when they had sex.

Thus, in short, It Follows is not a perfect movie, and Quentin’s comments cannot be just disregarded. Logically, his vision for the movie might be different from its director, and envisioning the film from another point of view is not that bad of an idea.

Scream TV Show

Scream Queens is a comedy horror TV series which premiered on Fox in September 22, 2015. The show is initially set at the fictional Wallace University. In the school, the sorority called the Kappa Kappa Tau faces terror in the hands of a serial killer donning the university’s Red Devil Mascot. Scream Queens is produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Ryan Murphy Productions, Brad Falchuck Television, and Prospect Films.

Scream Queens was green lighted for a second season in January 15, 2016. Season 2 of Scream Queens will start on September 20, 2016. Old faces from season 1, including Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Lea Michele, Billie Lourd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Niecy Nash, Glen Powell, and Keke Palmer, will be coming back in the second season of Scream Queens.


Season 1 starts with the appearance of Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, who would later be joined by other casts, such as Lea Michele, Joe Manganiello, Keke Palmer, and Abigail Breslin. Ariana Grande also appeared in some episodes. Other actors, such as Niecy Nash, Lucien Laviscount, Diego Boneta, and Glen Powell, were also featured throughout the first season. Manganiello later on had to leave the show and he was replaced by Oliver Hudson. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande’s parents were played by Charisma Carpenter and Roger Bart. Curtis’ husband was played by Philip Casnoff, and later on the gang was joined by Patrick Schwarzenegger, Chad Michael Murray, Alan Thicke, and Julia Duffy. Nick Jonas, Nasim Pedrad, Billie Lourd, and Skyler Samuels also became a part of the show.

Most of the scenes in season one were shot at Tulane Univiersity. One episode was also dedicated to Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh, wherein the classic shower scene in Psycho was reenacted. Curtis very much approved of the idea and she showed support with the scriptwriter, Falchuck. In fact, during the shoot, Curtis was constantly reviewing the said scene from Psycho.


Season 2 will be featuring new faces along with original cast of the show. John Stamos, Taylor Lautner, and Colton Hayes were cast, followed by Jerry O’Connel and Laura Bell Bunday, who were slated to play recurring roles.

American Horror Story

Roanoke The Original Story Behind Season 6

In the midst of Queen Elizabeth’s attempt to colonize the New World, a group of English men and women went to the coast of what is now the North Carolina in 1587 to form a colony. However, after three years, all the people who were part of the settlement disappeared without leaving any clue of where they went. Not only that, the houses where the people lived also disappeared without a trace, making other people believe that the settlers were already dead. The mysterious disappearance of the people became what was popular known as the mystery of Roanoke Island because it proved to be a great puzzle to historians for centuries. Moreover, most people think that the mystery would not be likely resolved any time soon. The Lost Colony included 117 people became a spooky entry in history books, leaving people with only one clue: the word “Croatoan” which was found to be engraved in wooden post in the settlement.

After 400 years, though it still remains to be a mystery, the Roanoke colony is again ringing bells as it is tackled in the latest season of the American Horror Story, starring Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., and other well- known actors. To recall, the Roanoke story was first mentioned in the first season of the TV series. The story goes that the settlers were slaughter, and their ghosts were rid of a Native American spell. Yet, it seemed that some of the ghosts were still left lingering.

The story of the Roanoke started when the British explorer Sir Walter Raleigh established the first settlement in 1585 but the group went back to England after one year. Then in 1587, with Raleigh’s orders, another group came to the place known today as Dare County, North Carolina. However, with the current issues between England and Spain at that time, further colonization of lands was postponed.

John White served as the governor of the new colony. When the group reached Roanoke, White communicated with the Native American tribes living in the area, which included the Crotoans. However, it seemed that there was still some tension between the groups. Due to the depleting supplies, White decided to return to England, and he left his family behind in Roanoke. He would never see them again and the rest of his colony.

Due to the ongoing war between Spain and England, White did not manage to go back to Roanoke until after three years had passed. Upon his arrival, White did not see anything but the fence surrounding what was supposed to be their village.

Though what happened with the colony remains a mystery, there are various theories surrounding it. One theory states that due to drought and lack of supplies, the people were forced to disperse and live with the nearby tribes. And since the Croatoans did not really approve the arrival of new settlers in their land, some surmise that the Roanoke settlers were killed and their bodies were disposed of. Still, there are some who think that the Roanoke people might have joined the Croatoan tribe.

Meanwhile, another theory has it that it was the Spanish who arrived and slaughtered the people of Roanoke because of the ongoing war between Spain and England. Some attribute the disappearance of the colony to weather disturbance like the hurricane though it was still a mystery why the fence was left intact but the rest of the village had disappeared.

Though the Island of Roanoke seems a bit of a paradise, its past holds a dark mystery that yet still requires solving. And now, the American Horror Story spins a new tail on the Roanoke people and the mystery of their disappearance.