Annabelle 2

Conjuring Doll Returns For Sequel

James Wan made another mark in the field of horror films with the release of Annabelle in 2014, which served as a spin-off of Wan’s The Conjuring. Annabelle was focused on the creep and haunted doll who was first mentioned in the conjuring.

However, without the help of James Wan, John R. Leonetti failed to achieve the same extent of success of The Conjuring with Annabelle. Still, the film made $256 million in the box office and it is not surprising that a sequel is now already in the works.

And now Annabelle 2 has showcased its first teaser, showing the contributions of the talented Miranda Otto, who is most popular for her work in Homeland and The Lord of the Rings movie franchise.

Annabelle 2 is directed by Light’s Out David F. Sandberg, and the screenplay was written by Gary Dauberman, the man behind Annabelle. Other people would be working Otto, including Without a Trace’s Anthony LaPaglia and Spectre’s Stephanie Sigman.

The story of Annabelle 2 would start seven years after the death of the daughter of a dollmaker and his wife. The couple then receives as guest a nun and some girls from an orphanage, who would soon become the next target of the possessed doll, Annabelle.