Scary Stories

The Most Scary Stories You Never Heard

All people have some stories to tell, and some of these stories are the ones that should not be told at night while hiding under bedsheets with a flashlight. Some of the scariest stories involve, for example, sleep paralysis, and people who have experienced it are like the major characters from a horror movie. Meanwhile, in some cases, people experience terrifying things that hearing the stories from their mouth make other individuals think that they maybe just making such stories up. Still, true or not, some of these stories will really scare the hell out of people.


This story happened to LadySparrow while she living in a house when she was 11 to 16 years old. The young girl constantly experienced some weird stuffy, including hearing voices and footsteps and doors suddenly opening and shutting. What made her stay in that much worse was that she was usually alone since her parents were always at work.

Then, there was this thing with the little girl in the bathroom. LadySparrow always saw a little blond girl wearing a rose-colored dress whenever she walked past her bathroom door. The girl merely stood there just like someone from the past. To prevent her from seeing the apparition, LadySparrow closed the door to the bathroom. However, as soon as she opened the door, the girl was still there and would only disappear when the LadySparrow had already gotten past her. The girl scared LadySparrow but she could not help but to feel some sympathy for the ghost, as it seemed that she would just be trapped in there for eternity.

After a few years, LadySparrow felt that the ghost was not just an apparition. She felt that something else was hovering in their house and it was not the ghost of a little girl. Apparently, LadySparrow was almost running out of her wits.

Then, when LadySparrow was 14, she invited a friend to stay in their house for a week. To avoid driving out the guest, she omitted telling her friend anything about the strange things that were happening in their home. However, when her friend got back from using the bathroom, she basically told LadySparrow about the girl and the bathroom and practically reaffirming that she was a ghost. LadySparrow was quite relieved but she was also terrified. Meanwhile, that particular friend did not use that bathroom the whole week that she stayed in the house. On the other hand, LadySparrow had started avoiding it though her parents would not believe the ghost story.

Eventually, to her relief, LadySparrow and her family moved out. Then, after a few years, she had to go back to the house to retrieve some things that her parents did not manage to sell. Along with a friend, LadySparrow arrived at the house and she could tell that her friend was not at ease with the place. Along the driveway, she noticed her friend turned pale, and when she asked him about it, her friend assured her that he was okay. However, when he had to use the bathroom, he ran back out right away, claiming about seeing the girl in red dress. Then, that friend told her that the girl in the bathroom was not happy that LadySparrow left and said that she was supposed to remain in the house. LadySparrow and her friend then grabbed everything that they could and left the house as fast as they could.


AnnieBannanas grew up in New Mexico and she always loved doing outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing. One summer, at 19, she decided to go on a camp for a few days somewhere near her parents’ home. As she was already familiar with camping, she did not mind being alone. During the whole camping period, she took a lot of pictures. However, when she had the film developed, there pictures of her sleeping during the camp. She was alone, and she did not take them.

Nothing was taken from her things during the camp, but AnnieBannanas was surely freaked out by that experience.


When Nilly was about 20 years old, when through China, along with some people. They spent two months in Qinghai province, a former Tibetan territory, and they were on their way to a specific town where they would be teaching English. The stops along the way made their trip more exciting. One day, the group arrived at a very normal looking, rural town. The group decided to stay for a couple of days and explore the town for a while. Since, it was winter, there was not much to see but hills and plains filled with dead grass.

Having gone through a rough teenage period, Nilly was just glad to be a part of the expedition. She appreciated being able to go her with friends to various places, which she admitted, made a huge impact in her life and turned her into a better person. Thus, she was very overjoyed for just being in Tibet and she was able to sleep peacefully every night.

During their second night in that particular town, Nilly woke up in the middle of the night feeling restless. Dismissing her uncomfortable feeling, she went with her group in their walk on the hills, where a small summit with a pile of rock and prayer flags could be seen.

As the group was climbing the hills, Nilly felt something strange within her. However, it did not scare her. In fact, her emotions seemed to draining away and she was feeling more blank inside. Then, her thought became cloudy, and she just ceased thinking about anything. Still, deep inside, she knew that there was something wrong but her mind failed to convince her about it.

After they reached the summit, Nilly went down to the pile of rocks and began tapping the pebbles on the ground against each other. Still seeming to be devoid of any emotions at that moment, Nilly realized that she grinning without any reason. Then, amidst the weird stuff that was happening to her, a thought crossed Nilly’s mind. She should just die.

During that time, it seemed that nothing wrong was with having such thought, but Nilly realized that it was not right. Then, the group walked back to their place, and Nilly started feeling a bit of herself again. Still, she was freaked out by what had happened to her. When the group left the town, one of her friends mentioned the same strange and depressed feeling that she experienced, and Nilly told that friend the same thing. Afterward, their leader told that in the past, young women under 25 committed suicide in the town.

WHAT THE DOG KNEW (Aeonflux072)

In his old apartment, Aeonflux072’s dog would sometimes look down on the hallway toward the bedroom and growl for no reason. There were also instances when Aeonflux072 was sleeping and he would wake up in the middle of the night just to see his dog growling on something at the door.

Since, he had already been living in the apartment for a few years, Aeonflux072 did not think much of his dog’s strange behavior.

Then, one night, Aeonflux072 woke up from the incessant barking of his dog. At him. When he opened his eyes, Aeonflux072 saw something blurry leaning over very closely to him, almost touching his face. Aeonflux072 thought that the thing was not person but it sure resemble one. Aeonflux072 thought that the thing might have actually been watching him sleep for quite some time now. The man was terrified and jumped back at the other side of the bed while dog continued going crazy with the apparition. The blurred apparition disappeared after a few seconds.

Aeonflux072 asked the building manager whether someone died in his apartment, and he learned that a woman had overdosed in the apartment in 1995 after her child was taken from her custody because of her drug addiction.

Aeonflux072 never saw the thing again, but his dog would still occasionally bark at something across the hallway until they moved out after a year.


When he was kid, Snarkychu was very fond of racing to the top of the stairs. He would go running a fast as he could until he reached the top. During those moments, there was a voice at the top of the stairs betting him that he could not make it to the top of the stairs. As a kid, Snarkychu, was not bothered really with what was happening. He just went on talking with the voice about making bets.

The bets started with pennies. However, as time went on, the voice started using Snarkychu’s life as bet.

Eventually, the voice stopped and Snarkychu completely forgot about it until he got to talk with his brother about things spooky. He told his brother about the voice at the top of the stairs but before he could proceed, his brother asked him if the voice did any bets with him. Apparently, both them experienced making bets with the voice at the top of the stairs.

THE DRIVE-BY (formerlydickmove)

One time, formerlydickmove and his family were camping through some city. While traveling one evening, his mom looked out the window and she just started screaming and yelling something to his dad.

His dad acknowledged her mom and said something letting a car pass by.

His father slowed until the car passed them. formerlydickmove could not see anything but he saw a what seemed to be very thin arm hanging out the window of the passing car. He asked her mom about what she saw, but she would not give a straight answer, claiming that it was nothing. His dad told the same thing.

Years later, his mom told him that what she really saw in the car was a skeleton, with tongue and eye visible through the bones. However, when his mom died, his father claimed that it was just a really a mask.


DinosaurDanceParty once worked in as a cocktail server at a strip club. After having started working at the place for about six weeks, she experienced suffocation, panic attacks, and terrible migraines during unexpected moments. DinosaurDanceParty thought that it was just the stress brought on by work that was taking a toll on her since she never experienced suffering from anything as such previously.

Basically, the strip club was just filled with a lot of things, with all the tables and speakers lying around, the crowded dressing room, and the back storage room behind the stage. In the storage room behind the stage, there was an area filled with some dressers and mirrors and an old couch for the dancers who might want to use the dressing room for extra space or to take a nap in. During her time in the club, this particular dressing room gave DinosaurDanceParty the made her suffocation and panic worse, but she could think of any reason why such things happened to her in there.

Since her work lasted until 4 am and she did not have car and could not use public transportation, DinosaurDanceParty would usually just wait for another dancer to finish up so that she could be dropped off to her place. While waiting, she usually cleaned up a bit, but she also spent some time studying at the back room since she was still at grad school at that time. When studying at the back room, she would sometimes panic, and she would end up sitting up at the bar or the dancer’s dressing room.

It was almost Halloween that time so DinosaurDanceParty thought that her negative feelings were just caused by watching too much scary movies. However, her co-worker also told her about the creepiness of the back room.

Then one night, as she was carrying a box of glasses into the back room, DinosaurDanceParty heard a terrifying and screeching noise that sounded a lot like that is heard from horror movies. Freaked out and horrified, DinosaurDanceParty went out running. The bartender also heard the noise but not as intense. The bartender also thought that the noise was just caused by some technical glitch in the sound system. DinosaurDanceParty heard the noise several more times while she continued her work at the club.

Sometimes, DinosaurDanceParty would walk in and the light in the back room would flicker off and was replaced a red glow. DinosaurDanceParty was so scared that she ran out and told bartender. However, when they checked the lights, the bulbs were already dead. As time went by, DinosaurDanceParty ceased asking for the bartender’s help every time something weird happened to her because she did not want other people that she already going nuts.

Then, one time, as she was cleaning the hall between the dancers’ room and the back room, DinosaurDanceParty looked at the mirror in the back room and saw two legs in black ripped tights floating and swaying back and forth. The girl screamed and ran as fast as she could to the bar, thinking that a dancer had hung herself. When they checked the backroom, there was nothing there. One of the dancers thought that maybe a dancer really killed herself there, and it was her ghost that DinosaurDanceParty saw.

Sometime before Halloween, DinosaurDanceParty went to work wearing her normally all-black attire but with a painted skull painted on her face. That night, she asked to leave early. When she checked her makeup on the mirror in the dancer’s room, DinosaurDanceParty was surprised when she found out that she passed out in the back room, and she was found unconscious with all the makeup smeared on her face. Apparently, she had been gone for almost an hour, until she was found. She quit her job the next day.

FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES (huntedthebuffalo)

When his older sister was born, huntedthebuffalo’s family moved to a smaller house. While she was still a baby, his sister would be seen by his parents waving and staring at something before she would start giggling. When she got a bit older, their parents asked his sister who she was talking to. His sister said that she was talking to “the little boy.” Their parents asked if the little boy was nice. His sister thought for a few moments before saying yes. Then after huntedthebuffalo was born, he was seen doing the same thing as his sister when she was little. He was also asked by his parents to whom he was talking to. Huntedthebuffalo answered the same. It was the little boy. When asked he the little boy was nice, he said yes but he added that the little boy might be lying.

THE WRONG PARENTS (LadyStoneheart)

When she little, LadyStoneheart was sometimes woken up by nightmares, which always made her go to her parents’ room. One time, she had another one of her nightmares, and she immediately went to her parents’ room. However, when she reached inside the room, she saw two sets of parents. The first pair was lying on the bed, whereas the second one was on the floor. Knowing that one set could only be evil, LadyStoneheart had to choose the right pair of parents. However, when she tried to wake up the set of parents lying on the floor, she saw that their eyes were nothing but just bright glowing red light. At that moment, she actually woke up. She ran to her parents’ room just to see another two sets of parents inside the room. Fortunately, it turned out that the parents’ lying on the floor were just piles of clothes.


One time, when he was 7, SorciaMcNasty, his brother, mother, and grandmother, stayed with their grandmother whose house was located on an isolated country road in NC. The house was situated near the train tracks and the nearest neighbor was not within the screaming distance.

Then, one early morning, as their family were having breakfast, they heard a vehicle pulling up outside. They checked it out and saw a strange truck part on the front yard. The weird thing was no one was behind the wheel though the engine of the truck was idling.

SorciaMcNasty’s mother asked their grandmother if she knew whose car it was but old woman said no and thought that maybe her cousin had called for some hired help, and the owner of the truck went to the wrong farm. However, when their grandmother tried contacting her cousin, the phone went dead.

Then, they all heard a loud banging on the front door. Their grandmother gathered the family in the living room while she checked out who was banging the door with a knife on her hand. However, no one was there.

The family felt relief but the, all the doors of the house started banging. And the whole family could literally see some of the doors vibrating because of the banging. Out of sheer terror and fear, their mother ran to the window. She cried with relief when she saw that their cousin had arrived.

The cousin checked out the truck with a shotgun in his hand. Then, he went pale and just started running toward the house.

When their grandmother saw the man running, she shouted for all of them to get down. Then, the cousin rushed past inside, the banging started again, and the cousin fired the gun once. At that moment, the truck came to life, whereas the banging finally ceased. The cousin went out again toward the truck, with his gun aimed at the vehicle. All the while, the family was behind him. Then, the truck just pulled out and raced out of the yard. The cousin shot at the rushing vehicle but it just continued running at full speed.

No one was driving the car when it went away.

The family called the police but their cousin had to go to his first because the phone line of the house was cut. The cousin said that the car had no plates and it was filled with a lot of weird restraints, like handcuffs, c-clamps, and nylon straps. He also claimed to have smelled blood on the truck.

The cousin also claimed to have seen something inside the house that was why he ran inside and fired his gun. However, he hit nothing and the truck just raced out of the front yard afterward.

Until now, one can explained what had happened, even the police could not figure out anything that could tell how all the doors on the house just went on banging.

Chandler Riggs

In the last season of The Walking Dead and after waiting for a very long time, Carl Grimes was shot in the eye during the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6. The famous scene was first glanced by Walking Dead fans in the original comic version of the series.

And now, fans should expect that everything will be different with Carl.

In the comics, after the incident, Carl suffered from memory loss and his personality turned to a darker shade. When asked about his character in The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs did not hesitate to share some of his thoughts. The young actor thinks that the old Carl may really seem to be gone for good along with his left eye.

Riggs was very excited to see what would become of one-eyed Carl during last season since he thought that it was one of his best work so far in the series. In fact, he tried everything to physically showcase the changes that have been going on with Carl since he lost his one eye.

Riggs also thinks that the incident with Carl made him a better actor because in truth, he found it hard to act with just one eye. That is aside from the fact that he was forced to things very much differently.

The young actor also recalled the things that happened while filming Season 6 of The Walking Dead and some of the shocking moments that blew away the minds of the people.


Riggs found losing one eye as Carl in the series very cool. In fact, the actor was very excited when he learned about what would happen to his character, and people could vouch that he was looking very much forward to that iconic scene. At first, Riggs was not very sure if Carl was actually going to lose his eye since Rick never did lose his hand just like what happened in the comics.


They had a bit of tough time shooting the scene. It was night and the set was splashed with blood. In addition, there was a lot of screaming and crying during that moment. However, Riggs had fun while shooting the scene where his eye was shot since he could see all the visual effects. Some blood was applied around his eye but the actual prosthetics was placed on him when he was already at the infirmary.

Though it did not bode well for his character, Riggs enjoyed very much shooting the scene because it portrayed what really happened in the comics. The only downside was Ron shooting Carl.


Riggs had some tough time in shooting with just one eye. Still, he managed to get used to after a while. The hardest part for him was losing depth perception since he really couldn’t see what was happening on the other side of the room. Yet, Riggs found it helpful to see with just one eye because it had helped in internalizing his character.

On the other hand, it’s not like Carl would be seen wearing an eye patch anytime soon. Riggs thought Carl’s wound was quite large for an eye patch so he thought that bandages would do for him in the meantime.

As for the upcoming episodes, the actor promised that there are still shocking moments awaiting The Walking Dead fans and he assured that they would not be disappointed.

Riggs also shared some insights into Negan’s appearance in the show. The character was quite notorious in the comics and it seems that Negan’s character would not be much different in the series. Negan would be sure to annoy a lot of fans with no one to stop him. In addition, killing sounds like so much fun with him.

As for the shocking moments just like Glen’s near death experience, Riggs did not think that anything like would ever happen again in the series but he is sure that anything important that would be happening would surely shock the hell out of people.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Seth Grahame-Smith, the famous author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, looks like got caught up in one big mess when the publisher, Hachette, filed a case against the author regarding a submitted manuscript by Grahame-Smith, claiming that the work is basically “an appropriation of a 120-year old public domain work.”

Grahame-Smith became first popular by combining history and zombies in his 2009 work, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The success of his first book led him to write another best seller, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. However, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is now surrounded by controversy as Hachette filed a case against Grahame-Smith for what was supposed to be a breach of contract. As poste by Publishers Marketplace in their website, Grahame-Smith and Hatchett signed a $4 million deal in 2010, in which the author was supposed to provide the publishing company with two new creations. As part of the deal, the author was initially paid a fee of $1 million as installment.

Grahame-Smith was able to submit the first book, The Last American Vampire, which followed the story of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. As for the second book, the author was given an extension from June 2013 to April 2016.

According to the complaint filed against Grahame-Smith the authored submitted a manuscript in June 2016 but it was not original and instead, was filled with as quoted, ““an appropriation of a 120-year old public domain work.” In addition, the material greatly deviates from the 80,000 to 100,000-word limit that the publisher and Grahame-Smith agreed on. Moreover, the said manuscript was not a par, considering the style and quality, with Smith’s previous work. To give a brief idea, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is about the story Abraham Lincoln as a US president and as a warrior against zombies in the civil war.

Grahame-Smith and his company Baby Gorilla will face legal battle against Hachette, who filed a $500,000 fine, which amounts to half of the original payment given to the author plus interest. The publishing company believes that providing them with a completely different material and substance from that what was originally described in their agreement can be considered as a breach of contract.

As such, Grahame-Smith is sure in a lot of hot mess.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The first five minutes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was recently glimpsed by fans on Twitter and Periscope when the clip was released by Fox. The clip is a preview of the modern take made the by the TV company on the cult classic. Prior the release of the clip, Victoria Justice gave hints regarding her role as Janet with a snippet of “Touch Me.”

The remake of the musical will star Laverne Cox, Ryan McCartan, Adam Lambert, Christina Milian, and Tim Curry. In addition, the first 25 minutes of the show was previewed at the San Diego Comic-Con last July. Basically, the story would begin at a movie theater, where The Rocky Horror Picture Show is showing. Then comes the opening number entitled, “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” which will be sung by the female usher at the theater.

Notably, a lot of fans could not get enough of the clip, and for sure, the premiere of the new The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be much awaited.

The show premiered on FOX on October 20, 2016 to mixed reviews.  It was released on DVD on December 6, 2016.

Christopher Walken

The Christopher Walken Film Stands The Test Of Time

Movies are proof and witnesses of the passage of time. And for a very long time, people have loyally flocked the theaters in order to take a break from the real world and be part of story, good or not, that is part of the vision of a filmmaker’s mind. As time goes by, there are those movies that never get old for most people, and they are considered as classic or timeless. The only question about such movies is whether they can stand the test of time and at the end still come out as something that is extraordinary and be able to people a great story no matter what their age are.

Stephen King is one of the most popular horror novelist all of time. His works have become very popular that a lot have been turned into movies or TV adaptations. However, a number of people do notice that adaptations of Stephen King’s work are, most of the time, not that great and usually fall very far behind than their original version. Still, there are some King adaptations that have appealed to the viewers and managed to tell a story that is a par with their version in paper.

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one adaptation of King’s works that are considered by many as one of the greatest though the author himself showed great dislike for the movie. However, aside from The Shining, there are some Stephen King movies or TV series out there that are great even though they might not have achieved greatness the way that The Shining did.

And one such story is The Dead Zone


The adaptation of The Dead Zone tells the story of an English teacher named Johnny Smith. Smith seemed to be just like any normal human being until he was hit by a trick and was placed in a coma for five years afterward. Then, he woke up only to find out that he could see the past, present, and future of a person when he shook their hands. And everything became much complicated for him when he learned that Martin Sheen, who was running for the presidential position, had in mind to kill all people should he be elected to the seat.


The movie was directed by David Cronenberg and he did a good job with The Dead Zone considering the kind of gore and violence that are usually seen with his creations, such as Scanners and The Fly.

Moreover, The Dead Zone was a kind of movie that did not rush things. Cronenberg was patient in letting all thing fall into their proper places in the movie until they have delivered properly the different elements of the story. In addition, the movie did not directly tell to people’s face that Martin Sheen was a killer though people could tell that he was a killer on the loose. As for Christopher Walken, the man was subjected to violence, though most of the time only in his dreams. And in most cases, Walken’s suffering proved to be more disturbing than his visions.

The movie was also blessed to have included talented actors, such as Walken. His weird antics made him perfect for the role of Johnny Smith, and he really did look tortured and confused with everything that was happening around him. Moreover, Walken was very effective in showing his character’s pain in waking up a from a coma and realizing that he had lost everything, which was made worse by his unwanted gift.

The other actors, including Tom Skerritt, Brooke Adams, and Herbert Lom also gave commendable performance in The Dead Zone.


Though Walken supposedly did some great work in The Dead Zone, it seemed that after 30 years, his performance seems to have lost its glitter. After watching the film after 30 years, one is bound to notice his undiminishing weird manners, the patterns of his speech, and other things unique to the actor, which at present, seem strangely awkward.

Though the kind of acting in previous times and today may have some differences, something is really off with the performance of the actors when the movie is watched today. Even Martin Sheen now fails to bring some life to his character.

As for the story, it seems that 1 hour and 40-minute run-time is not enough to tell everything about The Dead Zone. The flow of the story is not consistent and the scenes tend to jump from one thing to another. The transition is staggered and the first few scenes are quite anti-climactic. Looking at it, it now seems to be a great idea to just show The Dead Zone in the small screen.

Finally, The Dead Zone is basically one of King’s adaptation that adds to the pile of sub-par creations that cannot tell a story the way that The Shining and Shawshank Redemption did. Still, the movie is a classic and it involved great talents, such as Cronenberg and Walken.

The Shinning

King’s Least Favorite Of His Films

A lot of Stephen King’s works have already been adapted to both small and big screens. In fact, 1999 credits on IMDB are under his name, in which some can be attributed to the repeat adaptations of his creations. Every filmmaker has the right to love the incredible author. Stephen King has created not only commercial novel hits but also stories that were artfully created and with great substance. The author is great in depicting monster, but they are featured in stories that are anchored in the real life and the characters of his novels are the ones which are considered to be some of the most memorable. As a result, his stories of have become more than the common slasher or monster creature narratives.

However, it can’t be denied that there is a disconnection between his stories that are great for movie adaptation and the reception of the audience once these movies are made. In the almost 200 adapted films of King’s novel, only some of them can be considered as worth watching. When stories, such as 1408, end up at the stronger end of the scale, well, one should know how bad the other adaptations are. Still, they have the option of watching the Stephen King-directed Maximum Overdrive.

Horror does not have the kind of respect that is allotted for other genres, that is why directors have a habit of avoiding creating works under such nature. The same goes for King’s creations even though his stories delved into darkness just like in other films. In fact, only a few known filmmakers have been involved with directing his works. These people include Brian De Palma (Carrie), David Cronenberg (The Dead Zone), and Rob Reiner (Misery). In relation to this, Stephen King is known for selling the rights of his short stories to inexperienced directors, which is possibly the reason why the quality of many of his adapted works is not up to the standards.

On the other hand, the more dramatic adaptations of Stephen King’s works seem to better compared with the horror ones. Yet, no can contradict that the best adaptation of King’s creations is a horror one, and it is considered as one of the scariest movies of all time: The Shining. The visual effects of the movie were very commendable, most especially the blood flooding the elevators and the creepy twin girls. The movie is also known for presenting some iconic scenes, prompting the development of an acclaimed documentary about the most far-fetched fan theories. The masterpiece that is The Shining is a perfect portrayal of the quality of work of Stanley Kubrick.

However, Stephen King himself was not a fan of what Kubrick did with The Shining. In fact, the author hates Kubrick’s depiction of the Overlook hotel and the Torrance family. Stephen King though the representations in the movie were too cold and there wasn’t any emotional investment in the family on the director’s part. On the other hand, King made sure to show his approval for the film’s visuals.

Though, no one can dispute King about his thought on the movie, it is possible that his connection with The Shining influenced his view on the film’s quality.

The Shining can be considered as the most personal creation of Stephen King. The novel not only elevated King’s writing to the next level, it also reflects some of the horrors are based on his own life. King admitted that during his younger years and the time that he already has two children, he sometimes feared himself for feeling antagonism toward his children. It is also known that he had a problem with alcoholism before, and such struggle did not pair well with his negative emotions. He said that his reason for writing the book was to flush out those thoughts inside him but it turned to be also a form of confession.

The main character in The Shining is Jack Torrance, a wannabe writer who is already far behind his deadline. King fully describes in the book Jack’s drinking and emotional problems, which in return, have caused irreparable damage on both his job and marriage. His problems turned for the worse when he broke the arm of his son, Danny, because of outrage and hit a child’ bicycle on the road while drunk driving. Logically, none of the incidents would have happened if only Jack had been sober. And his problems just got deeper when he lost his job after attacking a student because of his misplaced anger.

With such turn of events, Jack had no choice but to accept the job as the caretaker of Overlook hotel during the winter. Jack and his family would have to live in the hotel during the whole season and that is where Stephen King began pouring all the scary elements. At the hotel, Jack was suffering from a lot of problems, including the lack of alcohol, his anger, guilt, his lack of job and capacity of become a good writer, and isolation caused by winter. He was also not safe from the ghost and monsters that were plaguing the hotel and his son. Meanwhile, Wendy, Jack’s wife and a victim of husband’s abusive hands, feared the harm that would come to her and her son as Jack began drinking alcohol again. As for Danny, the boy could not bear the thought his parents splitting up and his powerful psychic ability, the “shining,” also did not save him from seeing the terrors roaming the hotel.

Aside from being a horror story, The Shining can also be deemed as tragedy. Though Jack had violent tendencies, some people can still relate with his character. In fact, King has deeply connected Jack’s character with that of his father, who also had a history with alcohol. Jack’s character has been known for being able to display a good and loving husband but whose inner demons are known by the readers to be just hibernating within him. And for a while, it seemed that the Torrance family would eventually have a happily ever after. Nevertheless, Jack tried to change himself for the good and to fight the evilness inside him, and this struggle really proved to be an important factor that determined the course of the story.

However, in the movie adaptation, Kubrick almost disregarded all the emotional conflicts faced by Jack. In the big screen, Jack’s problem with alcoholism was not highlighted that much as well as his struggle in trying to write. And such portrayal seemed to be very far from that is depicted in the novel. In addition, the supernatural manifestations that were seen in the movie were argued to be brought about by madness and not by just ghosts alone. However, King emphasizes that ghosts were always present in the hotel and they were the ones who drove Jack toward the edge of madness. Moreover, some monsters that were included in the book, such as the snake-like attacking fire hose and the animal topiary that came to life, were not seen in the movie.

As for Jack Nicholson, who played Jack in the movie, his portrayal did not parallel the character of the novel version. The same can be said for Jack’s simultaneous feelings of love and hate for Danny. And as noted by King, it seemed that Jack in the movie version of The Shining did not really try fighting away the darkness.

Kubrick also did not pay much attention to the book’s ending, as he gave Dick Hallorann, the Overlook’s cook and who had a psychic connection with Danny, a death that was different from that in the book.

More importantly, the movie ends with Jack going on a rampage and hunting Danny through a hedge maze before finally freezing to his death. This could have been what made Stephen King think that the film was too cold. Though Jack also hunted in Danny in the book, King made it clear that Jack was being controlled by the supernatural forces in the hotel. In addition, Jack was able to regain his consciousness for just a while and just enough to tell his son that he loved and him and to allow him to escape. In the end, Jack died in the hotel during the explosion in the boiler room.

Independently, Kubrick’s version of The Shining can be considered as one of the most powerful and thrilling films of all time. Yet, people could not blame Stephen King for his reaction. The author involved his personal life while writing the book and it seemed that Kubrick just plainly ignored it.

And since the original author did not like the adaptation of The Shining, one could only hope that the succeeding re-adaptation would fair off much better. So, as expected, The Shining was re-adapted as Stephen King’s The Shining, and for sure the horror novelist preferred this version.

Meanwhile, Mick Garris’ Shining was also released a part of the King miniseries shown in ABC. It came out with the likes of The Stand, It, The Tommyknockers, Storm of the Century, and Rose Red. Idea of creating such a project was commendable but the special effects that were used were not that great.

A lot of people did not like the TV version of The Shining though the story it portrayed was close to that of the book.

There are several factors that led to the failure of TV version of The Shining to sail through. First was the poor acting Steven Weber, which was incomparable to that of Jack Nicholson in the big screen. In addition, Courtland Mead was the wrong choice for playing the role of Danny.

Meanwhile, Rebecca De Mornay did pretty well as Wendy in the small screen considering that King thought that the Wendy in the movie was rather insulting to women and did really present a complex character which should have been there in the first place.

Another mistake made by the miniseries is in terms of the atmosphere. The Overlook in the TV version was not as scary as in Kubrick’s film, which is understandable considering that there is some limitation with the budget. Moreover, Garris made a mistake in showing Danny’s imaginary friend, “Tony,” in the screen. However, Kubrick did away by just making Danny wiggle his finger and speaking using the voice of his invisible friend.

Though Danny really sees an imaginary Tony in the book, it really did come out as absurd when literally depicted in the movie. Moreover, the miniseries did something more stupid by showing that Tony possibly speaks to Danny from the future. And even the firehose sneak and the hedge animals did not appear that terrifying in the miniseries. Thus, in short, Garris should have known his limitations while creating Shining and he should have looked for ways to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, people should still give the miniseries a chance. With over four hours of air time, it was able to portray most of the content of King’s original story. Though the miniseries is not that great, it still had its own powerful moments, and people cannot deny the rising and falling tension, which was very effective when tackled from the narrative point of view.

With a hit and cult-book such as The Shining and the kind of adaptation that it could be made into just like what Kubrick did, the most avid fans would really be the ones who will be put into test. The question lies whether they would prefer a somewhat “wrong” but effective film adaptation or that seems to be “right” but is basically ineffective. Nevertheless, one thing is clear. Avid fans do not have to be always loyal.

Take The Shining for example. None of the versions of The Shining can be considered as perfect. As for the novel, it is not free from some of the mistakes that can only be attributed to writers. In addition, let us not forget some of the racist and misogynistic statements that Jack had used as threats. Meanwhile, Kubrick also made a major mistake with modifying the death of Hallorann.

In summary, no one can deny the excellence of The Shining as a novel in providing the readers with a good tragedy and horror story that is backed up with characters struggling with their own complexities. On the other hand, Kubrick’s version also comes in as highly commendable and can really be considered as classic of the horror genre.

Stephen King

James Patterson Scraps Release Of New Novel To Avoid Insulting King

The popular author James Patterson seemed to have prevented the publication of his new novel entitled, “The Murder of Stephen King,” fearing that such novel may not appeal to the famous horror novelist.

The said novel tells the story of an obsessed fan who is trying to track down Stephen King, who is famous for writing horror novels, such Misery, The Shining, and Carrie.

However, Patterson discovered during the run-up that there really fans who caused disturbance in the author’s home in real life.

Still, Patterson said that King did not have a hand at all with the movie.

Before Patterson the decision of not publishing the book, he emphasized that Stephen King was no way involved in the creation of the novel and he sincerely hoped that the author would appreciate his decision.

However, Patterson also released a statement, indicating that the novel, which he co-wrote with Derek Nikitas, just positively represents a fictional character and the main characters does not actually get murdered in the story.

In the end, James Patterson did not want to make Stephen King nor his family uncomfortable with his novel. And thus, his great respect for those people prompted him to forego publishing The Murder of Stephen King.

On the other hand, the center of the said unpublished novel, Stephen King, opted to not make any comments regarding the matter.

James Patterson, also a best seller author, clarified that he does not personally know Stephen King.

A comment by Stephen King on Patterson in 2009 described the latter as a successful yet “terrible” writer. Patterson perceived the comment as some kind of a “hyperbole.”

Instead of The Murder of Stephen King, Patterson is set to release a new book entitled, Taking the Titanic.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger Convinced Mark Hamill To Audition For Starwars

The release of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977 became the turning point for the careers of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher. However, Hamill would not have been given the role of Luke Skywalker if not for the man who played Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street horror movies.

During the Oz Comic Con in Brisbane, Robert Englund influenced Mark Hamill into auditioning for Star Wars: A New Hope without telling him that he had also auditioned for the role of Han Solo. Some fans might have already read about this in Englund’s book, Hollywood Monster.

According to an interview with Englund conducted by Forced Material, Englund thought that he had already bagged the role of the surfer in Apocalypse Now but he found out that he did not pass the audition. Then, as he was leaving, somebody told him about that there was something going on involving George Lucas. And since Englund was such a great fan of Lucas, he went on and auditioned for the role of Hans solo. However, the casting staff were looking for an older artist to play the role. He said that people only took pictures of him, which just indicated that he was just not fit for the role of Han Solo.

Then, he managed to goad Mark Hamill to audition for the Star Wars movie. He related that during that time, Mark Hamill was already a star and was shooting for a certain TV series. In addition, Hamill was always staying at his place. So, soon as he got inside his place, Englund told about George Lucas’ latest project and asked him audition. Afterward, Mark got in touch with his agent and bagged the role Luke Skywalker.

Tim Burton

Timothy Walter “Tim” Burton is an American director, producer, artist, writer, and animator, who is most popular for creating dark, gothic, and fantasy film, including Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands (1990), and the animated musical The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Burton also created the films Ed Wood (1994), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Corpse Bride (2005), Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), Dark Shadows (2012), and Frankenweenie. In addition, Burton also directed the adventure comedy Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985), the superhero films Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), Planet of the Apes (2001), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), and Alice in Wonderland (2010).

Burton has also repeatedly worked with Johnny Depp and his former partner, Helena Bonham Carter.


Tim Burton was born in 1958 to his parents Jean and Bill Burton, in Burbank, California. When he was young, Burton was fond of creating short films in their backyard using stop motion animation techniques. He attended Burbank High School but did not excel in academic work. After finishing high school, Burton went to the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California.


One of Burton’s earliest work, Stalk of the Celery Monster, caught the attention Walt Disney’s Productions’ animation division, and he was an apprenticeship. The man became an animator, storyboard artist, and concept artist, and he was part of the production of some films, including The Fox and the Hound (198), The Black Cauldron, and Tron.

In 1982, Burton created his first short film, Vincent. Vincent was screened at the Chicago Film Festival. Afterward, Burton worked on the live action Hansel and Gretel. He also worked on the live-action short film, Frankenweenie (1984). Burton was fired from Disney after finishing Frankenweenie because the company deemed his work too dark for viewing by children.


  1. BEETLEJUICE (1988)

Beetlejuice is a supernatural comedy horror film, which focuses on a young couple who are trying to deal with their death and a family who have just moved in to the couple’s home in New England. The film starred Winona Ryder, the young teenage daughter who can see ghosts, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, and Michael Keaton as the bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice. The film was a box-office hit and won the Academy Award for Best Makeup.


Burton worked with Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands. The film was about Edward, a human-like invention with scissors as hand, who was left alone after his creator’s death. He would then encounter the other characters, including that of Winona Ryder’s, which would initiate the adventures of Edward in the suburbia.


Burton was the writer and producer of The Nightmare Before Christmas. The animated musical was a box-office hit and was positively reviewed. The film would become iconic because it depicted Burton’s original style and characters.

  1. SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999)

Burton was another film that involved Johnny Depp. The film was about Ichabod Crane, a detective who was investigating the deaths of the town of Sleepy Hollow. Christina Ricci joined Depp in the film as Katrina van Tassel. Sleepy Hollow received the Academy Award for Best Art Direction and BAFTAs for Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. The film was most noted for showcasing the change in Burton’s style of creating movies.

  1. CORPSE BRIDE (2005)

The stop-motion film included the voices of Johnny Depp as Victor and Helena Bonham Carter as Emily. The film also was also famous for showing Burton’s signature style.


Sweeney Todd was one of Burton’s greatest works. The film earned the National Board of Review Award for Best Director, a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director, and an Academy Award for Best Art Direction. Helene Bonham Carter’s portrayal of Mrs. Lovett earned her an Evening Standard British Film Award and Golden Globe nomination. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp received nomination for the Best Actor Oscar and won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy and Best Villain in the 2008 MTV Awards. Sweeney Todd also received positive reviews from the critics.


Basically a fantasy, Alice in Wonderland was based on the works of Lewis Carroll. The film starred Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, Matt Lucas as both Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Anne Hathaway as The White Queen, Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat, Alan Rickman as the voice of Absolem the Caterpillar, Michael Sheen as the voice of McTwisp the White Rabbit, and Crispin Glover as the voice of the Knave of Hearts.

  1. DARK SHADOWS (2012)

An adaptation of the original gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows included Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley, Bella Heathcote, Gulliver McGrath, and Chloe Grace Moretz.


Burton proceeded with the creation of a full-length film for his 1984 short film. Burton has a personal connection with the film, as it reflected his relationship with his dog in the past.


  • Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

  • Batman (1989)

  • Batman Returns (1992)

  • Cabin Boy (1994, as producer)

  • Ed Wood (1994)

  • Batman Forever

  • James and the Giant Peach (1996)

  • Mars Attacks! (1996)

  • Superman Lives

  • Planet of the Apes (2001)

  • Big Fish (2003)

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

  • 9 (2009, as producer)

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012, as co-producer)

  • Big Eyes (2014)

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016, as producer)

  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)


Saw is a horror movie franchise consisting of seven films. The films are distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment and produced by Twisted Picture. The film started with a short film created by the Australian director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell in 2003. The full-length film was then released at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004. The succeeding installments were then released the following years every October on the Friday before Halloween.

The films are basically focused on John Kramer, the “Jigsaw Killer” or just “Jigsaw.” He was first seen in Saw but he had more exposure in Saw II. Jigsaw’s character is known for kidnapping his victims first and setting them up in “tests” or “games” consisting of physical or psychological torture, which they must overcome in order to survive. Jigsaw is killed in Saw III but his apprentices continued his work or he is shown in flashbacks in the other Saw films.


Saw IV reveals most of the backstory of the whole franchise, wherein it is shown that John Kramer was formerly a successful civil engineer living with his wife Jill Tuck, who was working in a rehab clinic for drug addicts. The couple lost their unborn baby because of a drug addict named Cecil. In Saw VI, it was revealed that the character of Amanda Young was involved in the incident that caused the death of Kramer’s unborn child.

John and his wife eventually got divorced because of the incident with their baby, and Kramer was later on diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Given his condition and the loss of his child, Kramer realized the importance of life and saw how other people failed to value it.

In Saw II, Kramer tried to commit suicide but survived. His accident gave him an idea on how he can change other people.

In Saw IV, it was shown how Kramer set up his first test and used Cecil as participant. From then on, Kramer would begin creating more “tests” and “games,” which he used to rehabilitate people with hopes of changing the world. Kramer earned the name Jigsaw Killer because he removed a puzzle piece-shaped chunk of flesh from the victims who did survived his traps.

Some of Kramer’s victims survived but they needed to undergo therapy to recover from the physical and psychological torture that they have suffered from him.

In Saw V, it was shown how the police lieutenant Mark Hoffman became connected with Kramer. It turned out that Hoffman killed his sister’s boyfriend and killer using a trap that looked that of Jigsaw’s. Hoffman was then kidnap by Jigsaw and was forced to become his apprentice. However, later on, Hoffman accepted being Jigsaw’s apprentice.

The first victim who survived Jigsaw’s trap was Amanda Young, who then became the killer’s apprentice. Kramer’s wife also learned of his killing practices and became a source of help.

In Saw, Dr. Lawrence Gordon was trapped in an industrial washroom with Adam Stanheight, a photographer who was following the doctor with hopes of catching him in the act as the Jigsaw Killer. Meanwhile, Lawrence was instructed to kill Adam before six o’clock or his family would die. Gordon eventually decided to saw his own foot in order to escape to save his family and help Adam. In Saw 3D, it was shown that Gordon was eventually found by Kramer, who then made the doctor his accomplice. Meanwhile, Saw III revealed that it was Amanda who kidnapped Adam and also killed him afterward.

In Saw II, Detective Eric Matthews was trapped with seven convicts in house that was being slowly filled with sarin gas. His son was held hostage by Jigsaw, who required exchanging the boy’s life for the detective’s time. However, Matthews became impatient and assaulted Jigsaw. Then, he realized that his son was being held in another place. As the house was still being filled with gas, Matthews was knocked unconscious and he woke up in a bathroom. Amanda, who was trapped with Matthews previously, revealed he connection with Jigsaw and left the man to die.

In Saw III, it was shown that Matthews managed to escape, and he found Amanda and tried to obtain his son’s location from her. However, Amanda fought and beat the detective. Saw IV showed Hoffman dragging Eric to a prison cell.

Saw III and Saw IV showed the events occurring simultaneously. As Jigsaw became weaker and was on the edge of death, Amanda began making her traps, which did not allow the victims to escape. Kramer then decided to give Amanda to another test, which led to both of their deaths.

In Saw IV, Matthews died because Officer Daniel Rigg failed the test. However, Hoffman discovered the death of Jigsaw and Amanda, but an autopsy led to the discovery of a tape telling Hoffman that he was not free from the hands of the Jigsaw yet.

Saw V revolved around five people who were involved in a disastrous fire and who were kidnap by Hoffman to participate in a test. The people were killed one by one by the traps but the remaining two realized that they should work together to survive. The victims were rescued by Special Agent Erikson. Meanwhile, Hoffman set up FBI Agent Peter Strahm to make it look like the agent was accomplice of Jigsaw. However, Strahm was eventually killed when he failed to follow Hoffman’s instructions.

In Saw VI, Hoffman set up the insurance executive William Easton, who turned out to be responsible for turning down a number of insurance policies. William tried to save people as he participated in the tests, and he realized that he done wrong in the past. However, he was killed by person whose policy was rejected when he was subjected to a test of forgiveness. Meanwhile, the agents Erickson and Perez investigated Agent Strahm’s disappearance and learned Hoffman’s true identity. However, they were killed before they could reveal Hoffman’s role in the killings. However, Hoffman was eventually attacked by Jill, as requested by Jigsaw. Hoffman was left in the new Reverse Beartrap with no key. Hoffman managed to free himself from the trap.

In Saw 3D, Hoffman and Jill fought each other to gain control of the Jigsaw’s legacy. Jill went into protective custody and revealed Hoffman’s true identity. Meanwhile, Hoffman set up new games to get closer to Jill. A man who wrote a book and falsely claimed having escaped Jigsaw’s trapped was placed in a true test, leading to the death of his friends and his wife. Hoffman disguised himself as a corpse in order to enter the police station. He found Jill and killed her with the Reverse Beartrap. However, when Hoffman tried to leave town, Gordon and his accomplices turned up, and Hoffman was trapped in the bathroom from the first film. It turned out that Gordon became an accomplice of Jigsaw, and Hoffman was left to die.

Insidious 3


Insidious 3 is a 2015 American supernatural horror film, which serves as the prequel for the first two films and the third in the Insidious film series. Written and directed by Leigh Whannel, the film stars Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson, Whannell, and Lin Shaye.

The film is set a few years after the first film and starts with the retired parapsychologist Elise Rainier. The doctor helps Quinn Brenner to contact the spirit of her dead mother but sensing that something was wrong with spirit, Rainier advises Quinn to avoid contacting her mother again.

After a failed audition, Quinn gets caught up in accident, which leaves her in cast and with her father, Sean, and younger brother Alex. However, the demon that Quinn saw before her accident is still plaguing her, and eventually, she suffers from a neck injury after the demons has flung her in her bedroom. Her father tried to convince Elise to help her but Elise refuses, fearing for her life. However, Elise realizes that she is stronger than the spirits, thanks to his fellow parapsychologist, Carl.

Meanwhile, Alex calls on the demonologists Specs and Tucker but they cannot save Quinn from demonic possession. Elise arrives and enters the spiritual world to confront the spirit haunting her and to find the demon plaguing Quinn. Elise realizes that Quinn should defeat the demon inside her on her own. As she tries to get rid of the spirit possessing her, the spirit of Quinn’s mother comes to her aid.

Afterward, Elise decides to work with Specs and Tucker but she is then confronted by the demon from the first film.


Announcement of the third installment in the Insidious film series was announced in September 2013, and Leigh Whannell was tapped to write and Jason Blum and Oren Peli were hired as producers. Whannell was also slated to direct the film, which was his first, and announcement of Stefanie Scott and Dermot Mulroney’s roles were made afterward.

Principal photography for the film started in July 2014 in Los Angeles and shooting for the film concluded in August 2014.

Insidious: Chapter 3 was released under Gramercy Pictures, which was relaunched by Focus Features in May 2015.


Insidious: Chapter 3 earned a total of $112.8 million worldwide. In North America, the film got the third spot during its opening weekend and earned the same spot outside North America.

The movie was given a rating of 58% in Rotten Tomatoes and a rating average of 5.5/10. It gained a score of 52/100 in Metacritic and was given a B+ score by Cinema Score.

Basically, the film received mixed reviews from its critics. IGN gave the film a score of 7.1/10, describing its focused, dark, and creepiest among the installments in the film series. Meanwhile, Variety thought that the movie was dull compared with the previous Insidious movies. The Hollywood Reporter, though that the movie was great with the presence of a relatable protagonist and key characters. However, Entertainment Weekly thought that the film deserved only a C+, indicating that Insidious 3 was the worst sequel in the films. In addition, San Francisco Chronicle claimed that the movie was not really scary.

Other publications who negatively reviewed the films are the Toronto Star, The Arizona Republic, the Newark Star-Ledger, New York Magazine, and ReelViews. Meanwhile, some publications who gave the film positive reviews included The Telegraph and The A.V. Club.


In May 2016, the fourth installment in the film series, Insidious: Chapter 4, was announced. The fourth film is slated to come out in theaters in October 2017. Whannell will write the movie and Blum and Peli are hired to produce again. Shaye will come back as Elise Rainer and Adam Robitel is set to direct the film.

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich Say’s She Has Made Her Last Resident Evil Film

It seems that Milla Jovovich has made her goodbyes with the set of Resident Evil.

During the Chanel No. 5 5 L’EAU Dinner in West Hollywood, the model actress shared some of her thought regarding the latest addition and the final installment in the Resident Evil franchise.

Though Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is already the sixth in the series, Milla still had a bit of an experience shooting the movie.

Shooting the last Resident Evil installment was a bit more special since the actress was able to work with her daughter, and of course, there was a new baby on during the shoot. In fact, Jovovich thought that the whole production period was just your typical family affair.

In April 2015, Milla Jovovich and her husband Paul W.S. Anderson (the director of The Final Chapter) had their second daughter, Dashiel Edan. Then the following September, they started shooting the film. The involvement of the family in the film does not stop with mom and dad because their eldest daughter, Ever, would be playing the Red Queen.

A proud mom, Jovovich boasts her daughter’s love for acting and her incredible work in the movie. As a mother, she greatly thinks that her daughter has become more professional during the set, but the young lady also got to enjoy being on the set. Jovovich’s joy did not stop with Ever’s inclusion in the movie, as she also had the time to dote on the latest addition to their family. She recalled having to be nursing the baby while still being covered in blood and with some zombies walking around the set. What made it more fun was some zombies would approach her and comment on how cute her baby is.

It has already been 15 years since Jovovich took on the role of Alice, but it seems that the actress is not quite ready to bid goodbye to her famous character yet.

However, Jovovich thinks that she’s already on her way. The film has just wrapped up the production, and they are already starting with doing some press. Thus, she thinks that eventually she will realize that her journey as Alice has stopped after a few years. And the actress admits that she will Alice and everything about the Resident Evil movie franchise.

On the other hand, Jovovich’s next role would be very far from Alice’s character.

Her next movie will be based on a true story. It tells about the side of the reports who were trying to tell people the real score after the 9/11 attack. In the movie, Jovovic will play the wife of one of the reporters. As a matter of fact, she got in touch in with the real-life counterpart of her character. She felt overwhelmed for being able to portray a character who is still alive, and she felt like she’s doing justice to her role. The actress hopes that she will be able to represent the woman’s character and be able to show the audience who she really is.

For the meantime, people should just enjoy watching Alice go back to the Raccoon City and slay some monsters.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is slated to come out in theaters in January 27, 2017.

Chucky 7

The demonic and killing doll Chucky seems to be coming back in a movie supposedly entitled “Chucky 7.” The rumors on the 7th installment of the Chucky series became more intense when the filmmaker Don Mancini tweeted that Chucky 7 has already started filming.

The Child’s Play movie franchise is one of the creepiest movie series ever made, where Chucky the killing doll became so famous and made people take a second look at their dolls. With Chucky 7, the notorious doll is slated to come back, according to Mancini, who served as the writer for all the six movies in the franchise. He also directed the last two films. It seemed that the director implied that the next Child’s Play film may be set in South Africa.

In one teasing tweet, he asked if it’s alright to shoot Chucky 7 in Capetwon. It was followed by another tweet stating that “HE’S BA-AAAAAACK (SOON) #Chucky7.”

Fans of Child’s Play are not surprised anymore with such tweets from Mancini. He had already tweeted before regarding the possibility of Chucky 7.

The next Child’s Play movie is currently called as Chucky 7. Supposedly, the story of the seventh movie would follow the events of Curse of Chucky, the sixth film in the franchise. There’s also a possibility that Chucky’s ex-wife, Tiffany, will be coming back in Chucky 7.

Based on the plot, Chucky will come back to haunt and terrorize her human daughter Nica. In addition, some of his enemies should watch their backs as the doll is aiming to settle some score with them with the aid of Tiffany.

Though the list seems to be not final yet, the cast may include stars from the previous films, including Fiona Dolurif, Summer Howell, Jennifer Tilly, and Brad Dourif. Other stars who are rumored to be appearing in the film include Daniel Bisutti, Brennan Eliott, Chantal Quesnelle, A Martinez, and Maitland McConnell.

Aside from the former couple’s reunion, the movie may also add some light to the story of their children, the twins Glen and Glenda. Though the twins are just minor characters, Mancini wanted to highlight their story in the film.

The director further added that people would not stop thinking about the twins as just the killer doll’s children. There should be something more in them given that they are the children of killer and schizophrenic doll. Mancini admitted that the twins are always in his mind.

And because Child’s Play series started with a killer doll, it would not be right to not show any dolls in Chucky 7. Mancini said that he imagines the twins living a normal life as teenagers as their mother begins sewing Chucky’s doll parts together to bring him back to life and to give his children some morbid lessons in life.

Rumor has it that Chucky 7 will be coming out in theaters in 2017. However, whether it can dethrone The Boy as the Evil Doll Box Office film remains to be seen.

Vera Farmiga

Vera Ann Farmiga is an American actress, producer, and director, who began acting on Broadway in the play Taking Side (1996). Her first TV series was Roar (1997(, and her first movie was Return to Paradise (1998). She is a psydo scream queen after staring in The Conjuring franchise, Joshua and Orphan.

The actress breakout role was in the film Down to the Bone (2004). Afterward, she was seen in various films, including The Manchurian Candidate (2004), The Departed (2006), The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008), and Nothing But the Truth (2008). Farmiga’s performance in Up in the Air (2009) was highly praised, which also earned her a nomination for the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The other movies which starred Farmiga included Orphan (2009), Source Code (2011), and Safe House (2012). The actress also directed the film Higher Ground (2011). Farmiga also played the paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2.

Farmiga was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in Bates Motel.


Farmiga originated from Clifton, New Jersey. Her parent, both Ukrainian-born, are Lubomyra and Michael Farmiga. Her first language was Ukrainian. The actress attended St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic School in Newark, New Jersey and graduated high school in the Hunterdon Central Regional High School. After discovering her penchant for acting, Farmiga studied performing arts at Syracuse University.

Farmiga has six siblings, Victor, Stephan, Nadia, Alexander, Laryssa, and Taisa, and her grandparents emigrated to the US when her mother was still a baby.


Farmiga’s first acting stint on stage included her role as Miranda in the American Conservatory Theater’s production of The Tempest. She was also a member of The Barrow Group. Her Broadway debut was in the play Taking Sides (1996). Afterward, she became a part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame TV film, Rose Hill, taking the role of Emily Elliot.

The actress also had a role in the Fox TV series Roar and a guest starring role in Law & Order. Farmiga continued appearing in TV series, movies, and in stage. She was seen in the movie Return to Paradise in 199e followed by Autumn in New York in 2000.

The actress was also part of the movie The Opportunists, which came out the same year as Autumn in New York. Her next role was in the box-office hit 15 Minutes. The movie was followed by her appearance in Dust at the Venice Film Festival in 2001. Farmiga was also a part of the TV series UC: Undercover and the TV film Snow White: The Fairest of Them All.

Farmiga’s first starring role was in the movie Love in the Time of Money, which first aired at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002. It was followed by the stage play Under the Blue Sky, which premiered at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. After the play, Farmiga became part of the comedy movie Dummy in 2003. However, her breakout role turned out to be that of Irene Morrison in the indie film Down to the Bone, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004. She was nominated for the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead.

In the field of TV series, Farmiga appeared in HBO’s Iron Jawed Angels and in the American adaptation of Touching Evil, playing the role of Detective Susan Branca. Afterward, she played a supporting role in the critically acclaimed The Manchurian Candidate. Afterward, Farmiga was seen again in film Neverwas, which was first seen at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005.

Farmiga is known for creating short films for her auditions. This led to an invitation by Martin Scorsese for a chemistry read with Leonardo DiCaprio. The actress bagged the role of the police psychiatrist Dr. Madolyn Madden in The Departed, which turned out to be a box-office hit worldwide. Her performance in the movie earned Farmiga nomination for the Empire Award for Best Newcomer and shared the nomination for Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

The actress starred in another thriller, Running Scared, in 2006. That same year, Farmiga was seen in the film Breaking and Entering, playing the role of an Eastern European prostitute. The movie was followed by her role in the Korean-American romantic drama, Never Forever, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. She also appeared in the movies Joshua (2007) and Quid Pro Quo (2008). Farmiga was praised for her role in Quid Pro Quo, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

In 2008, Farmiga was seen in the critically acclaimed The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and her role in the movie earned her the British Independent Film Award for Best Actress. She would play afterward the role of a CIA operative in Nothing But the Truth, and her role led to her nomination for the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Farmiga was seen next in the box-office hit thriller, Orphan, in 2009. The film received mixed reviews but the actress’ performance was praised. Afterward, she appeared in A Heavenly Vintage (2009), which was first screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In 2009, Farmiga received recognition again for her role in the comedy-drama, Up in the Air. The film was box-office hit and was critically acclaimed. Her role in the film earned Farmiga several nominations, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, and Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress. In 2010, the actress was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Farmiga next played the role of Julie in Henry’s Crime (2009). The surrealist romantic comedy received mixed reviews but Farmiga’s performance was praised. Afterward, she became part of the sci-fi action thriller, Source Code, which was first screened at South by Southwest in 2011.

The first film that Farmiga directed was Higher Ground, in which she also played a role. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011 and was positively reviewed by critics.

Farmiga’s next film was Goats followed by her role as a CIA operative in Safe House (2012).

In 2013, Farmiga took on the role of Norma Louise Bates in the TV series, Bates Motel. The role earned her a Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television and nominations for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series, Satellite Award for Best Actress – Television Drama Series, Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, and the TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Drama.

Farmiga then played the role of Lorraine Warren in the box-office hit The Conjuring (2013), and she was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Scared-As-Shit-Performance. She appeared again in the sequel entitle The Conjuring 2 (2016).

In 2013, Farmiga starred with her sister Taissa in At Middleton, which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival. She was also seen in the movie Closer to the Moon (2015) and The Judge (2014).

Farmiga’s succeeding films included Special Correspondents (April 2016), Burn Your Maps (September 2016), The Escape (October 2016), as well as Boundaries and The Commuter, which are set to release sometime in the future.

The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno (2013) is an American cannibal horror film that served as an homage to Italian cannibal films that became popular in the 1970s and the 1980s. The so-called “cannibal boom” included the 1980 movie, Cannibal Holocaust. Directed by Eli Roth, The Green Inferno features a group of activists who must do everything that they can to survive the hands of the cannibalistic tribe that captured them.

Justine, a college freshman, joins the activists, Alejandro and Kara, in their trip to the Amazon forest to prevent a certain company from further harming and obliterating the ancient tribes who live there. The group aims to expose logging crew through media and with Justine’s father’s help.

Funded by a drug dealer named Carlos, the group arrives at Peru at begins their protest by chaining themselves to the bulldozers. Their protests go viral in the internet when Justine is shot by militia officers. They are arrested but are eventually freed. On their way back, the plane crashes, killing Carlos.

The survivors try to search for a GPS phone but painted suddenly come and Kara is immediately killed. The others are knocked unconscious by tranquilizer darts. They wake up in cages in the middle of the tribe’s village. Then, they watch in horror as the tribe leader dismembers and eats one of their members. The group realizes that it’s the tribe that they are trying to protect, and Alejandro confessed that Carlos just paid him to head the protest.

Afterward, the females are examined, and Justine is prepared for a genital mutilation ceremony since she is a virgin.

Samantha manages to escape but the next day before the ceremony Amy eats and finds a scrap of skin with Samantha’s tattoo. She then commits suicide upon realizing what she has just eaten. Lars then shows down a sack of marijuana in Amy’s throat. Justine and Daniel escape during the commotion though Alejandro is left behind and Lars is also eaten later on.

Justine and Daniel go back to the crash site and find a phone. However, the tribe recaptures them again. Daniel is fed to the ants while Justine escapes with the help of a child sympathizer. Justine sees Daniel and searches his body for the phone. Daniel begs Justine to kill him but Justine cannot. The child sympathizer then slits Daniel’s throat. Justine is pursued by other tribe members and thus, she decides to cross the river even though there is a black jaguar on the other side. The jaguar does not harm her and the tribe members did not follow her. Justine sees the loggers killing the other members of the tribe and she is saved when she pretends to shoot the firing with her phone.

Justine is brought back to New York and she claims that she is the only survivor of the crash and that the tribe was friendly.

A scene shows Julia talking to Alejandro’s sister, who says that her brother has been found. A GPS image shows Alejandro, standing in the middle of the jungle with his whole body painted in black.

The Witch

The Witch is historical period supernatural horror film which hit the theaters just this 2016. The movie is about a Puritan family who are forced to face the forces of evil in the woods beyond their farm in New England. Directed by Robert Eggers, the film stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Granger and Lucas Dawson.

The film is set in the 17th century in New England and starts with William who is in danger of being banished from a Puritan plantation, including his wife Katherine and their children, Thomasin, Caleb, and the twins, Mercy and Jonas. With the issue on the difference in the interpretation of the New Testament, the family decides to leave the Puritan plantation and start anew in secluded forest far away from the Puritan settlement. When Katherine’s new born baby, Samuel, disappears, the family learns that the infant was kidnapped by a witch who was living in the woods.

Katherine lives in agony, whereas William and Caleb hunts the witch in the forest. Caleb asks his father about his fate but he learns that William has traded Katherine’s silver cup for hunting supplies. Meanwhile, the twin play with their goat, whom they claim can speak. Katherine asks Thomasin about the silver cup and insinuating that the girl was at fault for the disappearance of the baby. That night, the children hear their parents sending Thomasin away.

The next morning, Thomasin goes with Caleb into the woods. When their dog chases a hare and Caleb starts to follow, Thomasin is left alone with the horse. The horse throws her and she is left unconscious. Meanwhile, Caleb gets lost in the woods before finding the corpse of their dog and encountering a beautiful woman in house in the middle of the word. Thomasin wakes and sees her father searching for her and her brother. Katherine blames Thomasin for taking her brother into the woods, while William confesses that he’s the one who sold Katherine’s silver cup.

That night, a naked Caleb returns and obviously suffering from some unknown illness. Her mother thinks that it was the work of a witch. When Caleb dies the next day, the twins accuse Thomasin of being a witch. Thomasin then reveals that the twins are talking to their goat. Left with no choice, their father locked the children in the goat stable.

The children wake up to see a naked old woman drinking the blood of a goat, whereas Katherine hallucinates about breastfeeding her baby which turned out to be black raven pecking on her breast. William sees the destroyed stable the next day, the dead goats, and finds out that the twins are missing. Meanwhile, Thomasin lies unconscious with blood stains on her hands. William is impaled by the black goat. Katherine tries to kill her daughter thinking that she killed her husband and the twins. Thomasin defends her self and kills her mother.

Thomasin discovers that the goat is no other than Satan, who then asks her to serve him. Thomasin then begins wandering the forest before she joins a cover of other witches.

Annabelle 2

Conjuring Doll Returns For Sequel

James Wan made another mark in the field of horror films with the release of Annabelle in 2014, which served as a spin-off of Wan’s The Conjuring. Annabelle was focused on the creep and haunted doll who was first mentioned in the conjuring.

However, without the help of James Wan, John R. Leonetti failed to achieve the same extent of success of The Conjuring with Annabelle. Still, the film made $256 million in the box office and it is not surprising that a sequel is now already in the works.

And now Annabelle 2 has showcased its first teaser, showing the contributions of the talented Miranda Otto, who is most popular for her work in Homeland and The Lord of the Rings movie franchise.

Annabelle 2 is directed by Light’s Out David F. Sandberg, and the screenplay was written by Gary Dauberman, the man behind Annabelle. Other people would be working Otto, including Without a Trace’s Anthony LaPaglia and Spectre’s Stephanie Sigman.

The story of Annabelle 2 would start seven years after the death of the daughter of a dollmaker and his wife. The couple then receives as guest a nun and some girls from an orphanage, who would soon become the next target of the possessed doll, Annabelle.

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Amityville: The Awakening

Jennifer Jason Leigh is an American actress, writer, producer, and director. She first became popular with her film, Fast Time at Ridgemont High in 1982. Her roles in the movies Miami Blues and Last Exit to Brooklyn were also widely acclaimed. She was also noted for roles in Ron Howard’s Backdraft and Single White Female.

She appeared in Short Cuts in 1993, followed by the Coen brothers’ The Hudsucker Proxy. Leigh portrayed the role of Dorothy Parker in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. She was part of Georgia (1995), a film written by her mother, Barbara Turner. Aside from being an actress, Leigh experienced directing when she co-directed the film The Anniversary Party in 2001.

Her next movie was Margot at the Wedding (2007), which was directed by her then-husband Noah Baumbach. She was praised for voicing Lisa in Anomalisa and for portraying Daisy Domergue in Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight. Her role in Hateful Eight earned her another Golden Globe nomination and nominations for Critic’s Choices, BAFTA, and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She also appeared in the TV shows, such as the Road to Perdition (2002) and Weeds.

Leigh also performed on stage and became part of Abigail’s Party, which earned a Drama Desk award.


Leigh’s was born in Hollywood, California to her parents, Victor Morrow and Barbara Turner. She has an older sister, Carrie Ann Morrow and half-sister Mina Badie.


Leigh did her first acting stint when she was nine in the film Death of a Stranger (The Execution) (1973), in which she received a nonspeaking role. Then, she attended workshops until she bagged a role in the film The Young Runaways (1978). She also appeared in the TV series Baretta and The Waltons. Leigh played the role of an anorexic teenager in The Best Little Girl in the World. Her first big screen film was Eyes of a Stranger (1981), in which she played the role of a blind, deaf, and mute rape victim. Then came the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982). Her other early appearances were in the movies Flesh + Blood (1985), The Hitcher (1986), and Heart of Midnight (1989).

Leigh made a mark with her roles in the film Last Exit to Brooklyn, in which she received the New York Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress. Then she received her first mainstream Hollywood in Backdraft, which was followed by Rush (1991). Her movie Single White Female (1992) was surprisingly a big hit and earned her the MTV Movie Award for Best Villain and a nomination for Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress.

The actress was also a part of the Stephen King adaptation, Dolores Clairborne, where she starred alongside Kathy Bates. Her role of Saddie Fool in Georgie was widely praised. She was awarded with the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress and Best Actress from the Montreal World Film and a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for her role.

Leigh also appeared in indie productions, including Short Cuts (1993) and Kansas City (1996). She collaborated with the Coen brother in The Hudsucker Proxy (1994). Her role in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994) earned her a nomination for Golden Globe Award and the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress, the Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress, and Fort Lauderdale Film Critics Best Actress Award. Her next appearance was in 1997 in Washington Square followed the TV film The Love Letter. She also appeared in David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ (1999).

In the 2000s, Leigh became part of the Road to Perdition (2002), In the Cut (2003), and The Machinist (2004). She received a Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in Childstar in 2005. Afterward, she landed roles in Palindromes (2004) and The Jacket (2005). Her next films were Margot at the Wedding and Greenberg. Leigh also appeared in the TV series Weeds and Revenge. She received honors for her contributions in the independent cinema at the Telluride Film Festival (1993) and from the Film Society of Lincoln Center (2002). Her film work was also featured by the American Cinematheque in 2001.

Leigh’s Role in Tarantino’s Hateful Eight earned her nominations for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, BAFTA for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Leigh also appeared in several Broadway productions, including Cabaret, Proof, The Glass Menagerie, Man of Destiny, The Shadow Box, Picnic, Sunshine, Abigail’s Party, and House of Blue Leaves revival.

The actress co-wrote and co-directed the indie film The Anniversary Party. She and her co-writer Alan Cumming received a citation for Excellence in Filmmaking from the National Board Review and a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature and Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay.

She is set to start in the new Amityville: The Awakening film to be released Jan 6, 2017

Wes Craven

Wes Craven Biggest Film Disaster Cursed

Cursed is a new werewolf film created by Wes Craven. However, because of its oddity and disastrous production behind-the-scenes, the film sparks a new interest among the viewers. The initial production was such a disaster that the whole film was shot entirely including the individual sections. Well, it seems that no one would believe such story once they see the werewolf in the story. Not only does the werewolf looks bad, Cursed is basically lame, boring, and tends to be funny in some ways.

The plot of the movie is pretty basic. It starts with somebody famous being killed. In this case, the famous person was killed by a car who was serving while trying to avoid hitting an animal. The car was driven by Ellie (Christina Ricci) and Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg). The two then got out of the vehicle to try helping the person in the car that the hit. However, they were scratched by a werewolf who has already eaten the passenger of the overturned car.

Afterward, the two began experiencing strange things. Jimmy gained extra strength and confidence, which helped winning over the girl that he liked.

Ellie also sensed that something strange was happening to her, especially when she’s at work. These strange happenings eventually got in between her and her boyfriend (Joshua Jackson).

The things that happened to the eventually got worse, and they realized that they must find the werewolf and kill it. However, the audience would be baffled since there could only be three suspects in the movie. Moreover, the film proves to be not that scary or thrilling at all. In fact, it does not boast of excitement or anything.

Given the definition of the horror film, a lot of people would wonder why the movie is considered as a horror flick. The characters are more concerned with their relationships among other things. Though the movie feels somewhat the movie Scream, the characters in Scream were interesting to watch. However, in Cursed, the characters are not that special and every bit of a dull. The film was said to be a character-driven horror film. Yet, including such type of characters was the film’s biggest mistake.

The actors also could not seem to find their right place in the film, especially Christina Ricci, who delivered what can only be described as an awkward performance.

And the acting gets worse when she is next to Joshua Jackson.

Basically, the two do not show any chemistry. In the case of Eisenberg, well his performance is also not that sparkly.

Writing Cursed seems to be the last straw for Kevin Williamson, after successfully writing Scream, the man certainly did a great job of sabotaging his career.

As for the werewolf, there isn’t much too say about the effects but bad. The CGI was bad and even the costume fails to bring on the werewolf spirit.

In short, it is a wrong move to show the movie. Moreover, it is beyond saving. Though the film started with a good idea, something really messed during its production.

Beetlejuice 2

Because everything in Hollywood gets a sequel now, more people have already been wondering these past years whether the famous movie, Beetlejuice, will finally get a second installment. Directed by Tim Burton, people would not generally think that the phenomenal 1988 movie would ever have a sequel, but when Dark Shadows was rebooted, well, it seemed that anything is possible now. In fact, Burton had already met up with the screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith and advised the writer to write a script and they would see where to go from there. However, a few years have already passed and the rumors on the Beetlejuice sequel is still a rumor. In addition, there aren’t any news yet if Tim Burton has finally agreed to direct the film.

In a recent interview with Tim Burton for his latest film, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the director made some clarifications regarding the sequel of Beetlejuice and debunking some of the rumors circulating around.

According to the director, he is extremely interested in the doing the film but some people just kept on fabricating stories. The truth is, the director had already talked with Michael Keaton and Winona, and they all agreed that should the sequel be made, it has to be at the right time and under the right circumstances. Moreover, he emphasized that Beetlejuice is really not the type of movie that requires to have a sequel, though it would be great if another movie would come out. Thus, at the moment, there’s nothing solid yet concerning the sequel of Beetlejuice.

Thus, in summary, Beetlejuice is not in the works yet, and it is possible that it would not be made at all. However, at present, it seems that Burton is slated to direct a live-action of Dumbo for Disney, indicating that having the right circumstances for the creation of Beetlejuice 2 in the near future is slim.

Nevertheless, fans of the movie should not stop hoping because the Beetlejuice sequel might still have a chance.